Detox Facilities

picture-uh=adb44edce7fa4178c1d9dd4ee85064-ps=96d4e0f3e4ce41e85d8c619a9ec4d3ac-153-W-Avenida-Ramona-San-Clemente-CA-92672Right Path Drug Rehab has access to a large network of providers that is committed to facilitating the recovery of those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. It is imperative to undergo detox before being placed in an addiction recovery program, and we are here to see you through the entire process.

For those individuals who have developed either chronic or acute clinical or psychiatric problems, a hospital based addiction recovery program may be the best choice. These programs are carried out during a stay in a local general hospital and usually involve shorter lengths of stay in comparison to a free-standing treatment center. Most clients spend 10 days in a hospital based drug or alcohol rehab unit. The focus of these programs is to eliminate physical problems while providing drug or alcohol detox services.

Generally, at the end of your stay in a hospital based addiction treatment program, the hospital will recommend that you carry out the rest of your drug addiction treatment at a free-standing addiction recovery center. Certain insurance carriers do not cover treatment for drug addiction in a hospital setting, so please let Right Path Drug Rehab help you determine your coverage and place you in an appropriate high quality drug addiction treatment program for you and your individual needs.

If you or someone you love requires assistance with being placed in a drug rehab facility or addiction recovery program, call an intake coordinator at Right Path Drug Rehab to receive help today.

Our tranquil locations are the ideal setting for bringing restoration and healing to your body and mind. Our luxurious facilities offer safe and comfortable locations with sober support networks for individuals in recovery.