Treatment Program

Looking for Drug Rehab Centers and Addiction Treatment Programs? For those struggling with substance abuse, the first step of the recovery process is the decision to make a change. Learning to manage a drug addiction is not an easy process, even at times when the individual wants to break the substance abuse cycle. Not only does drug addiction affect those who are addicted, but the loved ones surrounding those individuals are dramatically affected as well. If you or someone you love needs professional help with leaving the cycle of substance abuse in the past, contact Right Path Drug Rehab in order to discuss how our network of providers can place you in a customized, personal addiction treatment program that can start you on the road to recovery. Each client’s substance abuse history and severity of addiction are different, and the available recovery programs are too. Our intake coordinators match every client to a facility that creates personalized treatment plans for each individual that can last 30, 60, or 90 days based upon assessments and eligibility requirements.

Addiction treatment programs offer lifesaving solutions to those struggling with substance abuse. Right Path Drug Rehab always places our clients in facilities staffed by experienced staff who are familiar with all aspects of addiction and substance abuse. Effective drug rehab programs should always include dual diagnosis treatment that identifies and addresses both the physical and psychological side effects of addiction. Such programs should contain: a clinically managed detox process, a comprehensive relapse prevention program, an aftercare program at modern and welcoming housing accommodations, and a family program for those affected by the addiction of their loved ones.

Generally speaking, most addiction recovery programs last for thirty days. At times though, some clients may require a longer stay in a drug rehab facility. At times, those with serious drug addictions may require a year of treatment in an addiction recovery program. No matter what kind of treatment you require, Right Path Drug Rehab has the resources to place you in a drug rehab center that fits your needs.

Addiction recovery programs are necessary when treating drug addictions to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and also alcohol. Our network of providers is connected with private drug rehabilitation centers, residential drug rehabilitation facilities, outpatient treatment centers, and short-stay options. Talk to one of our intake coordinators today about what option would be right for you or someone you love.

In order to receive more information about the various options our network of providers has to offer, give us a call at 888-569-2655 to speak with an intake coordinator today. Right Path Drug Rehab is here to help individuals and their families who are affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is our desire to facilitate the recovery of all those who desire to make a change that will result in good health, long lasting sobriety, and maximized potential.