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picture-uh=c293c9f662bf12d149b6c729423e13c7-ps=8cdc8f68b3478bea437442f7dfd50Right Path Drug Rehab is committed to facilitating the recovery of all those who desire to break the substance abuse cycle in their lives. We are a reputable and confidential network of providers that is experienced in fostering addiction recovery for struggling with addiction. Our passion is identifying personal needs related to alcohol and drug recovery, so that we can place each client in the right addiction recovery program for them. Options range from detoxification facilities to addiction treatment centers and intensive in-patient programs, based on severity of addiction.

Why Seek Drug Rehabilitation

Because we know that addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body over an extended period of substance abuse, we offer physical solutions for this physical problem. You would not attempt to set a broken bone on your own, and as such, Right Path Drug Rehab does not want you to try and recover from this illness alone. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, drug and alcohol addiction affects over 23 million Americans every year. We would love to facilitate your recovery so that you and your family are not a part of that statistic.

Why Choose Right Path Drug Rehab

Are All Drug Facilities The Same? The quality of drug rehabilitation facilities is not the same at each location. At Right Path Drug Rehab, we only place clients in drug treatment facilities that meet our high standards. As one of our clients, you will be provided with time tested tools and treatments from professional staff members, some of whom are are also in recovery. Providers who are also living in sobriety truly understand the experience of the recovery process. We guarantee that our clients will gain skills to build a new life while experiencing incomparable security and comfort.

How Does drug Rehab Start

picture-uh=9afc85a76c3631529d6f42166ae06b-ps=69bb58b6aa48db4697d294240c9811dAdmitting that there is a problem is the most important first step toward recovery when someone is battling addiction. Recovery is never achievable for those who do not actually want it, or those who will not even enter into the care of addiction recovery facilitators. Right Path Drug Rehab’s network of providers has a proven record of highly effective recovery in those individuals who entrust their addiction recovery to us.

What’s Next

Once a client has been admitted to an addiction recovery center, the first step on the path to recovery is to go through the detox process. Detox prompts the brain to signal the body that it is no longer physically reliant on drugs and/or alcohol. Detox through Right Path Drug Rehab’s network of providers always involves a clinically managed detox. Our experienced staff members will supervise a clinically managed detox to make sure that you ease into the first steps of your detox process. Your clinically managed detox will be comprehensively assessed to determine your history and current situation with substance abuse.