Mobile, AL

Recovering from your addiction and moving on to a life of sobriety is possible with the aid of Right Path Mobile, Alabama’s experienced, professional network of providers. Our dual diagnosis facility in Mobile, Alabama is equipped with top of the line treatment services to make your journey to sobriety as positive and uplifting as possible. Many have found relief from addiction at Right Path Mobile and we’re ready to help you make the change in your life. Choose addiction recovery from Right Path Mobile, Alabama and start living up to your full potential.

Our facility network of providers conduct treatment under the scope of dual diagnosis. Right Path’s physicians, psychiatrists and doctors are qualified to identify and address both your physical addiction and the mental and psychological side effects left imprinted on you from substance abuse. Our compassionate providers individualize treatment to fit each and every [patient, because no two experiences with addiction are the same.

Withdrawals are not part of our treatment methods at Right Path Mobile, Alabama. Our network of providers are experienced in administering medically induced detoxes to patients who are in need to removing drugs or alcohol from their system. You or your loved one can relax while a specialized doctor administers detox, and monitors your comfort and progress through detoxification. Getting sober does not have to be painful. Take advantage of our renowned, effective medically administered detox during your 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program.

Following physical detox, it’s important for recovering addicts to understand how to operate under stress and pressure without reaching for substance abuse to cope. One on one therapy is conducted with our professional network of providers from Right Path Mobile, Alabama and it is customized to fit your personal addiction history and severity. Group counseling allows patients to relate with other recovering addicts while they practice positive coping mechanisms during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Positive coping mechanisms are activities that promote wellness, restoring, healing and relapse prevention. Hiking, kayaking, yoga, and meditation are a few positive coping mechanisms lead by our network of providers at Right Path Mobile. Using these techniques to replace substance abuse is a crucial step towards successful, life long sobriety.

Rolling enrollment is enforced at Right Path Mobile, Alabama to ensure the professional assistance of our network of providers, and our broad spectrum of services for treatment, are at the fingertips of our patients when they need it during their stay. Low client intake guarantees you will receive maximum quality care and attention during you addiction recovery treatment at Right Path Mobile, Alabama. Our network of providers including case manager, physicians, psychiatrists, and counselors are prepared to help you through every step of your journey to sobriety, so contact us today to discuss your personal addiction recovery treatment program. You don’t have to go through detox alone; take advantage of the immediate, comprehensive care offered at Right Path Mobile.

Mobile, AL