Right Path Drug Rehab Phoenix, AZ

Do you, or someone you love, struggle to get through the day without using and abusing drugs and alcohol? Are you experiencing changes in your sleep patterns? Maybe you or someone you love has abruptly changed their social activities and is experiencing irritability and anxiety? These are all signifiers that addiction is holding back you or someone you love from reaching their full potential. At Right Path Phoenix, Arizona, our network of providers focus on returning our patients to their full potential through comprehensive addiction recovery treatment.
Right path Phoenix, Arizona sets itself apart from your average rehab though our comprehensive care and thorough treatment approach. Our network of providers supply a dual diagnosis to each individual that comes in for treatment, targeting both the physical and the mental effects occurring after prolonged substance abuse. In addressing the root causes of your substance abuse, we not only work to get you away from drug and alcohol abuse, but hope to bring peace to our patients, as well.
Treatment will begin by ending your physical dependency on drugs and alcohol. A medically induced detox will relax you while a compassionate physician monitors and helps to remove the substances from your system. You or your loved one does not have to fear the detox process because our physicians use stabilizing medications to keep you comfortable and away from withdrawals, You and your loved one’s can relax knowing that treatment is in the most caring of hands at Right Path Phoenix, Arizona.
After you or your loved one reaches sobriety through our medically assisted detox, it’s crucial that you enter into a sober social mode of care. Our sober living facilities are luxurious, accommodating, and make daily sober living and relapse prevention much easier than if you were to return to your old living habits. Positive coping mechanisms are available to the patients during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment, and will help you or your loved one adjust emotionally to living free of drugs and alcohol. Learning to rely on positive coping practices allows patients to depend on themselves for strength in sobriety, instead of on the facility.
Because our network of providers are dedicated to improving your overall happiness and success, Right Path Phoenix, Arizona offers a range of professional services to help patients prepare for employment while they complete their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. From hosting simulated interviews, to editing your resume, to providing transportation to interviews, our network of providers will be there for you and your success every step of the way.
In order to maintain the highest level of care while treating each patient, Right Path Phoenix implements rolling enrollment periods for accepting new patients. Low capacity in our treatment centers allows our providers and services to there for you wherever necessary, and allows us to administer individualized treatment to you or your loved one.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding treatment with Right Path Phoenix, Arizona. Our network of providers understand what it’s like to be affected by substance abuse, and we want to help you move forward in your life towards successful sobriety and happiness.

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