Addiction to drugs and alcohol has ruined the lived of millions of Americans. Don’t let your substance abuse control your future and your life. Right Path Los Angeles is specialized in administering personalized addiction recovery treatment to patients who need professional assistance in overcoming dependency. You don’t have to be alone in your addiction or your recovery. Call our network of providers now with any questions or concerns pertaining to Right Path LA’s 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. We want to help you live up to your potential as soon as possible.
Right Path Los Angeles has been able to get countless individuals through addiction recovery and into long term sober living with our unique dual diagnosis approach. Our counselors take the time to get to know each and every patients that comes through our doors. Through one on one meetings, our network of providers get to know your specific addiction past and severity, allowing our facility to administer treatment and care that is specific to your needs. By addressing your physical attachment to drugs and alcohol, as well as the psychological changes that occur through addiction, our rehabilitation is comprehensive and effecting, for a lasting transition away from substance abuse.
Treatment at Right Path Los Angles begins with the detoxification process, which is often an intimidating process. You don’t have to worry about detox with Right Path LA, though, because our compassionate physicians medically administer detox with stabilizing medications. The medicine used is non-addicting, and lets our physicians monitor and keep patients comfortable and relax as the substances are removed from their systems. There’s no need to worry or be afraid. Right Path Los Angeles has assisted many individuals through the detoxification process without having them face withdrawals.
After patients are clean, it is highly recommended that they enter into a living space that allows for a sober social mode of interaction, offered through our sober living facilities. Our housing is luxurious and accommodating, allowing your only worry to be on recovery. While in our intensive outpatient program through Right path Los Angeles, you or your loved one can develop positive coping mechanisms during times of stress or temptation. These practices include one on one counseling, group therapy, meditation, exercise, 12 step programs, and other methods of restoring self-awareness and cognitive control over your emotions. To encourage patients to build out the ranks of their livelihood while in and after treatment, Right Path LA offers professional employment services like simulated interviews and resume editing. We want you or your loved one to find success in sobriety after treatment, and our network of providers will supply you with the tools and training to do so.
If you or someone you care for needs professional help to leave drugs and alcohol in the past, get in touch with Right path Los Angeles today, and start the discussion on your addiction recovery treatment plan now.