Right Path Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90025

When a drug addiction enters your brain, it clouds your judgment. Things that once seemed clear, like your relationships and goals, become harder to see. When the addiction takes control over your thought processes, it can seem like you are stuck in a fog of unhappiness and dependency on drugs. Do not wait for the fog to clear. The incomparable network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab Los Angeles Calif will be your shining light out of the gloom and addiction.

Your Los Angeles Calif Right Path Drug Rehab physicians, therapists, and counselors will be by your side every step of the way out of your addiction. The first step is determining your treatment plan. Your doctors and psychiatrists will analyze your addiction to create a specialized dual diagnosis treatment program. Both the physical and mental aspects of your addiction will be taken into consideration when developing your program.

The procedure that will shine the initial light into the darkness of your addiction will be detoxification. The Right Path Drug Rehab Los Angeles Calif physicians use medically administered detoxification to obtain lasting results and provide you with maximum comfort.

Once you can see the path to a life of lasting sobriety, you will participate in the relapse prevention program while living in the luxurious Los Angeles Calif Right Path Drug Rehab living accommodations. These sober and safe residences will provide you with social modes of care. You and your peers will spend time together and bond over your shared experiences. Personal chefs will prepare delicious gourmet meals that you can eat with your housemates. Together, you will engage in group therapy and activities that will give you the chance to develop a deep understanding of your lives and addictions. These relationships will establish your sober support network: an essential element for motivating your pursuit of lifelong sobriety.

Group therapy is just one of the many therapy options available from the experienced network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab Los Angeles Calif. You will also utilize one-on-one counseling, and 12-step programs to achieve a stable state of mind.

Besides therapy, other positive coping mechanisms taught in the Los Angeles Calif Right Path Drug Rehab relapse prevention program include fun and stimulating sober activities that you may take advantage of during your leisure time and the weekends. Exercise is a great technique for channeling your energy into something physically healthy instead of substance abuse. The on-site fitness center and natural surroundings provide plenty of opportunity for physical activities. Other positive coping mechanisms include creating art, meditating, reading, and watching movies.

The last step until you are out addiction and into the clear is establishing a successful professional life. The Right Path Drug Rehab Los Angeles Calif counselors offer professional preparation services. You will get the opportunity to create a resume, search for jobs, and learn to commit to full-time requirements.

Let Los Angeles Calif Right Path Drug Rehab network of providers help you see the light and step out of the fog of addiction. Call the intake coordinators to enroll in a personalized treatment program today.