RIGHT PATH DRUG REHAB in Manhattan Beach, CA

Finding help for a drug and alcohol addiction is tough. Right Path Drug Rehab in Manhattan Beach, CA is here to help. We are a network of treatment providers, passionate about connecting you or your loved one to the best possible addiction treatment program available. We are here to help everyone who struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction to be free of their substance abuse problem once and for all.

Because Right Path is a network of treatment providers, what makes our program exceptional is our ability to customize an addiction treatment program to any client and their specific situation upon entering treatment. We acknowledge that a drug and alcohol addiction affects every individual differently and strive to place clients into addiction treatment programs that uphold that philosophy. Right Path’s treatment provider network only connects clients into addiction treatment facilities that contain a small amount of clientele. This ensures that the clients will acquire the necessary amount of attention needed to triumph over their drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, clients will complete treatment in thirty, sixty, or ninety days, determined solely on the client and his or her particular situation.

At Right Path, our network of treatment providers want nothing more than to put together the addiction recovery program that will help you or your loved one fully conquer a drug and alcohol addiction. We connect you to treatment facilities that provide medical professionals administering and monitoring the drug detoxification process. Furthermore, clients have the opportunity to attend therapy sessions led by psychological professionals. We believe these therapy sessions are a large part in why our clients find success in obtaining their sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Therapy sessions, both group and individual, facilitate the emotional healing process for our clients. The sessions encourage our clients to directly face the experiences that have begun and/or sustained their drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. We hope that by completing treatment, clients will feel more confident and positive in their ability to stay away from drugs permanently.

Finally, our treatment provider network in Manhattan Beach only connects clients into addiction recovery programs that include relapse prevention into treatment. Right Path seeks to provide clients the tools to not only physically and emotionally recover from their addiction, but also the tools to be successful in staying sober from drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. Relapse prevention arms our clients with the necessary resources, support, and information needed to say goodbye to their reliance to drugs and alcohol for good.

So if you or someone you know is tired of being ruled by a drug and alcohol addiction, Right Path Drug Rehab in Manhattan Beach is here for you. Right Path believes that everyone has the right to a happy, sober, and successful life. We are confident that with our treatment provider network, we will provide you or your loved one the right addiction treatment program. Seize your second chance at life drug-free and give Right Path a call today!