Right Path Drug Rehab in Westminster

Westminster, CA

Right Path is here to guide you or your loved one through addiction recovery to sobriety, so don’t let your fears of leaving substance abuse behind keep you from living the sober life you and your loved ones deserve. Our network of providers connected with Westminster, California want to make recovery stress free and enlightening, and our broad spectrum of services and treatments have helped countless individuals find success in sobriety.

Right Path Westminster, California is different from your average addiction recovery center. Our dual diagnosis facility in Westminster is equipped to treat both physical and psychological addiction issues, and our psychiatrists seek to identify the underlying issues motivating you or your loved one’s addiction in order to cut it off at the source.

Our network of providers at including doctors, nurses, and physicians are experienced in administering medically induced detoxes to patients in need of detoxification from drugs or alcohol. You or your loved one will rest comfortably as a doctor carefully monitors the progress of your system getting clean. Medically administered detox rids patients of their physical attachment to substance abuse.

Relapse prevention starts with teaching patients at Right Path Westminster, California how to live sober in a world of temptations. Case managers work to get to know each individuals addiction severity and history in order to administer appropriate, comprehensive, personalized addiction recovery counseling. A 30, 60, and 90 day treatment program is offered and should be selected depending on the progress of your recovery.

One on one counseling with psychiatrists helps recovering addicts at Right Path Westminster, California to gain self-control over temptation. Group therapy with our network or provides and other recovering addicts encourages a supportive, community environment for you or your loved one during substance abuse treatment. To replace substance abuse when under stress, pressure, or feeling temptation, positive coping mechanisms practiced. Day trips, hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and a number of other uplifting, restoring activates are promoted at Right Path Westminster by our network of providers allows those suffering from addiction to relearn how to stay sober and avoid temptation day to day .

Right Path Westminster features rolling enrollment periods, allowing those in the facility to experience to full spectrum of services and attention necessary during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan. Low client intake and managed capacity ensures maximum care from our network of healing providers.

Let Right Path Westminster, California care for you or your loved one during addiction recovery and begin a life of sobriety with our time tested, effective treatment program. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding detox, rehabilitation and relapse prevention.