The most difficult part of addiction recovery can be admitting you need professional assistance to put substance abuse behind you. At Right Path Roseville, California our network of providers are happy to assist you through detox and rehab; our Roseville facility has helped countless individuals reach sobriety during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Don’t let fear hold you back. Begin your journey to sobriety today with Right Oath Roseville, California’s broad spectrum of treatment services.

Recovering from substance abuse takes requires times and energy. Our network of providers have made addiction recovery as simplistic as possible at Right Path Roseville. We designed a comprehensive therapy experience that will enhance your progress through recovery and make sobriety a lasting part of your daily life in the span of 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. Right Path Roseville, California performs as a dual diagnosis facility and will target both the physical and mental addiction side effects impressed upon you. Eliminating substance abuse cycles through detox and therapy are proven tools for a lasting, long term life without drugs or alcohol.

Beginning treatment at Right Path means getting illicit substances out of your body completely. The physicians and doctors within our network of providers are specialized in administering medically induced detoxes and avoiding withdrawals for new patients. You or your loved one can rest and relax as a trained physician induces the detox process. Throughout, you are monitored closely for comfort, safety and progress through detoxification. Removing the physical substances from your body heightens the effectiveness of therapy and counseling on relapse prevention.

Once patients are freed from the chains of physical addiction, they meet one on one with their case manager and counselors so that Right Path Roseville can assess the history and severity of your specific addiction. In order to administer comprehensive, tailored treatment, our network of providers will work extensively to get to know you and your substance abuse cycles in one on one therapy. Group counseling sessions are available for those going through addiction recovery treatment together to promote a supportive, clean environment. Right Path Roseville, California encourages that patients incorporate positive coping mechanisms into their daily life in the facility during times of stress, pressure, or temptation. Learning to depend on positive coping mechanisms rather than substance abuse lets patients cross over from depending on the facility, to depending on themselves to stay strong in sobriety. Positive coping mechanisms are activities that promote wellness and healing, like hiking, yoga, meditation, and kayaking.

The spectrum of treatment services and compassionate network of providers at Right Path Roseville, California has proven addiction recovery can be a positive, effective and uplifting for those seeking addiction treatment. Right Path Roseville is experienced in medically administered detoxes and customized therapeutic treatment top make your transition to sobriety painless and uplifting. Contact a member of our network of providers and begin the discussion on addiction recovery today.