Right Path Drug Rehab in Van Nuys

Van Nuys, CA

When a drug addiction takes over your brain functions, it is hard to see past the intense impulses to continue to abuse them. Coming to terms with your addiction and realizing you need to make a change is the biggest step towards recovery. While you may think it is difficult to get the exact help you require to cure your disease, Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California wants you to know that getting help is as simple as calling our intake coordinators. Our accessible network of providers work around the clock to provide you with the care you need, when you need it.

When you register through our rolling enrollment process for treatment at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California, our doctors and therapists will create a personalized program based off of your dual diagnosis. This type of diagnosis ensures that every element of your addiction, mental and physical, will be accounted for when designing your treatment plan.

As with every process you go through at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California, you will be assisted by our caring network of providers as you undergo the detoxification procedure. Our physicians will use medically administered detoxification which provides the most comfortable experience possible.

When your body is detoxified, you will live at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California’s upscale living accommodations. Our addiction treatment center keeps patient capacity low to help keep the atmosphere peaceful and safe for your addiction recovery. Although you will be learning how to provide for yourself as an independent sober individual, our psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists will make themselves as accessible as possible to help you cope with your sobriety.

There is an assortment of different therapy methods that our providers offer at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California. Group therapy sessions offer a chance to hear from your peers and their recovery processes. The camaraderie between patients formed in this type of therapy often leads to friendships and the formation of your sober support network. If you prefer to work one-on-one with a therapist, individual counseling is available. 12-step programs provide guidelines for structuring your life of sobriety. Meditation is a great supplement to other therapies. It teaches you how to find solitude and peace within yourself to protect your sobriety.

Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California also provides a multitude of fun activities that you can use as positive coping mechanisms. Some of these are art classes, kayaking excursions, hiking, and movie viewings.

Living a successful sober life after recovery at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California is very accessible due to the training and education you will receive from our unparalleled network of providers. You will learn how to prepare for and attend a job interview, properly handle your finances, maintain your physical well-being, and more.

You can access the tools and professionals necessary to achieve a successful addiction recovery. Talk to the intake coordinators at Right Path Drug Rehab Van Nuys California today to find out how you can get the help you need and deserve.