Right Path Drug Rehab in Encino

Encino, CA

Functioning in the brain is directly affected by drug use. They dominate your thoughts and push you to take more. After prolonged abuse, addiction is inevitable. As the addiction takes control of your brain and body, you lose control of your thoughts and actions. In a moment of clarity, you can make the choice to seek help and get the treatment you need. The accomplished network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California has helped countless individuals fight their diseases and take control of their lives. They can help you too.

Your addiction treatment at Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California will be unique to you. Our unparalleled team of doctors and psychiatrists will create a personalized treatment program according to the specific physical and mental aspects of your addiction.

Before you can learn to control your life again, our physicians must remove the control that drugs have on your body. To ensure the most comfortable procedure possible, Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California utilizes medically administered detoxification. These non-addicting medications will ease you through the detoxification process.

Therapy is necessary to maintaining sobriety. Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California offers 12-step programs, meditation practices, group therapy sessions, and individualized counseling. Through these positive coping mechanisms, you will be able to gain control of your mind and make positive changes to your life.

Your residence at Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California’s living facility will be the launching point for your new sober life. We keep a low capacity of residents to sustain a quiet and roomy atmosphere. The luxurious, peaceful environment will allow you to keep a clear mind and become a sober and independent individual. You will learn to commit to full time requirements and work with your peers to encourage each other to maintain sobriety.

Our unparalleled network of providers offer professional preparation services will help you be in full control of your life after your treatment is complete at Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California. Our counselors will assist you in creating a resume and searching for potential jobs. You can also participate in mock interviews to practice and sharpen your interview techniques.

Along with therapy and preparing your financial stability, it is also important to have fun and enjoy your new sober life. Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California offers a variety of leisure activities that you will get to enjoy. Hiking, yoga, art, movies, and beach trips are some of the most popular choices. Our addiction recovery center also has an on-site fitness center that is available at all hours of the day. These activities will give you the opportunity to bond with your peers and create a sober support network.

Take advantage of all of the services and professionals at Right Path Drug Rehab Encino California and gain control of your life today. Our intake coordinators are ready to take your call.