Addiction recovery is possible, and Right Path wants to make your journey to sobriety as positive and uplifting as possible. Right Path Santa Ana, California works with a dedicated network of providers including doctors, physicians, nurses, counselors, case managers, and more, who will work with you one on one to deliver the most comprehensive, personalized treatment available. Take the time to gain control of your life again and complete addiction recovery therapy from Right Path Santa Ana, California.

Our Santa Ana, California facility is equipped with top of the line treatment services and a compassionate network of providers who are able to assist with both your physical and you psychological dependency. Our substance dependency recovery center is much more successful in achieving long term sobriety because we practice as a dual Treatment is administered based on the severity and history of addiction, so meet with a case manager from Right Path Santa Ana to assess if a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program is right for you.

Right Path Santa Ana, California is able to protect you during your addiction recovery from withdrawal symptoms through our medically induced detox process. With our renowned medically administered detox, you or your loved one can rest and relax while a supportive, specialized physician induces detox that will clean your body of toxic illicit substances. The physician performing the detox is experienced in the field of addiction recovery and will monitor throughout the procedure for comfort, safety and progress. You don’t have to worry about experience withdrawals when you receive treatment through our network of providers at Right Path Santa Ana.

Following the medically induced detox which relieves your body of the physical dependency, our psychiatrists and counselors will work during the length of your treatment program to create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that targets your individual substance abuse cycles and triggers. Our broad spectrum of services including one on one therapy, group therapy, 12 step programs, and more, will prepare you or your loved one to maintain sobriety in a world of temptation. A signature Right Path technique for aiding patients through the transition out of the facility is to prepare them with positive coping mechanisms. These are to be relied on when temptation or pressure pushes you to want substance abuse. These activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and running refocus the mind back to the intention of sobriety through restoring and healing from within.

To experience the full potential of Right Path addiction recovery program in Santa Ana, California, contact a case manager through our network of providers today. Attaining sobriety is possible and even closer with the help of Right Path Santa Ana, California’s experienced, compassionate network of providers.