Right Path Drug Rehab in Castro Valley

Castro Valley, CA 94546

Addiction recovery is right around the corner; with Right Path’s Castro Valley, California network of providers ready to help you or your loved one get clean, there’s no reason to wait any longer to remove drug and alcohol abuse from your life. Obtaining sobriety is painless and stress free at our Castro Valley, California facility, and one of our case managers would be glad to discuss treatment options with you or a loved one today. Take control of your life again and remove substance abuse and dependency from your life with the care and guidance of Right Path Castro Valley.

Right Path Castro Valley, California is a dual diagnosis facility that oversees comprehensive addiction recovery treatment and therapy for patients struggling with drug and alcohol dependency. Our facility in Castro Valley, California is different than your average detox center because our network of providers believe that addiction needs to be treated on a physical and psychological level. Right Path’s counselors and psychiatrists work with patients after physical detox to reinforce positive, sober practices in their lives, creating daily habits that replace substance abuse and addiction triggers.

Patients of Right Path Castro Valley do not need to worry about suffering from withdrawals while going through detoxification and getting clean. Our experienced network of providers are trained and educated in administering medically induced detoxes. You or your loved one rests comfortably as a compassionate, supportive doctors induced detox and allows your body to remove drug toxins.

Case managers within our network of providers at Right Path Castro Valley, California work to get to know you and you specific addiction history to better administer personalized treatment and relapse prevention. We remove addiction from your life by identifying what triggers and enablers support it. Customized treatment plans vary from 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs depending on the severity of your substance abuse, and our network of providers in Castro Valley would be glad to assess which length of treatment is right for you.

Our luxurious facility in Castro Valley, California has a great success rate for patients with sustained sobriety. Private accommodations for personal reflection and space are available at Right Path Castro Valley, California, and low client intake is practiced. Right Path Castro Valley allows patients receiving care to be the first priority, guaranteeing that capacity is controlled ion the facility to deliver maximum care and attention.

Recovering addicts seeking treatment at Right Path Castro Valley, California learn to incorporate positive coping mechanisms into their lives while in their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Substance abuse and addiction is replaced with activities like self-reflection, yoga, hiking, kayaking, and group counseling, to help patients become aware of how addiction can be erased.

Let our compassionate, understanding network of providers in Castro Valley, California taken the stress and difficulty out of getting sober. Quit substance abuse and dependency toady and living a life of sobriety with the help of our network providers at Right Path Castro Valley.