Right Path Drug Rehab in Chatsworth

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Take control of your life and stop substance abuse and addiction today. Right Path Chatsworth, California has a network of providers who are ready to assist you or your loved one through detox and rehabilitation. Begin the sober life you deserve today and make amends for your past with the help of Right Path Chatsworth, California.

Addiction recovery care at Right Path Chatsworth, California is a more comprehensive recovery program than most. Our dual diagnosis facility addresses physical addiction with detox, and mental and emotional addiction side effects through therapy and counseling. Patients will face the root and cause of their addiction while in treatment, and they will learn what practices to adopt to stop addiction in their lives through control and cognitive skills.

Many who seek to overcome addiction are fearful of withdrawals and its nasty side effects. At Right Path Chatsworth, California, our network of providers are trained and specialize in administering medically induced detox. This allows you or your loved one to rest comfortably under the monitoring of a doctor while illicit substances are removed, leaving the patient with a clean system. With the physical addiction taken care of by detox, rehab therapy addresses the mental itches that addiction can create.

In one on one counseling with a case manager, patients are able to open up to our network of providers so that we can supply the most comprehensive, customized treatment to our patients. Group counseling with a psychiatrist helps recovering addicts find support in each other. Sharing the experience of becoming sober with other individuals in treatment often creates a strong bond and support group within the patients at Right Path Chatsworth.

Positive coping mechanisms are used to help patients construct a day to day life away from substance abuse. Practicing these activities when under stress or temptation brings healing, restoring power to the patient during their journey to sobriety. Some positive coping mechanisms used by our network of providers at Right Path Chatsworth, California include hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and a number of other methods that will take the place of substance abuse when under stress, pressure, or emotional distress. Replacing the urge to use drugs or alcohol with an urge to do something positive is essential for successful addiction recovery.

Balanced, rolling enrollment is practiced at Right Path Chatsworth to make sure that our network of providers and our services are available to recovering patients when they need them. Contact our network of providers within Right Path Chatsworth today if you have any questions or concerns regarding professional addiction recovery treatment for you or your loved one at Right Path Chatsworth, California.