Don’t suffer alone through addiction. Our network of providers working within Right Path Calabasas, California are trained and specialized to assist recovering addicts achieve a lifetime of sobriety through our tested and true techniques. Join our substance abuser recovery program today and begin the journey to sobriety and achieve your full potential. Don’t let addiction take life away from you.

Choose Right Path Calabasas to get you away from substance abuse at our successful, luxurious dual diagnosis facility. Our network of providers in Calabasas, California are experienced and professionally trained in treating recovering patients for both physical and psychological addiction effects. Treating addiction as a disease that harms both the body as well as the mind allows our patients to receive a more comprehensive recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

When you first enter into our luxurious Calabasas, California facility, you or your loved one will meet one on one with a case manager to assess the history and severity of your substance abuse. Since no two bouts with addiction and drug and alcohol abuse are the same, our network of providers work to get to know who we are treating every time, so that we may comprehensively customize addiction recovery to fit your personal recovery needs. To combat the physical hold drugs and alcohol can place on our bodies when over used, patients undergo a medically induced detox process. While being closely monitored by a physician for comfort, safety and progress, you or your loved one is induced into detox, and addictive toxins are cleared from your system by a quality doctor. Removing the physical component of addiction from your life with the medically administered detox allows our network of providers, and you as a patient, to address the psychological aspects controlling your addiction.

While at Right Path Calabasas, California addition recovery center, patients can gain sobriety and insight into how to live a more fulfilling life without substance abuse. One on one counseling and group therapy sessions offer outlets for recovering addicts to relate and support one another while in the treatment center. Learning to depend on positive coping mechanisms rather than substance abuse in times of temptation and stress lets patients cross over from relying on the facility for support through sobriety, to relying on themselves. Practicing positive coping mechanisms are encouraged at Right Path Calabasas by our network of providers and include restoring, healing practices like hiking, kayaking, yoga, and meditation. Regain control over your life and your future through the addiction recovery program available at Right Path Calabasas, California. Substance abuse recovery treatment has never been this positive and uplifting.

Right Path Calabasas, California practices rolling enrollment periods to maintain a balanced admittance system in the facility. Low client intake ensures that our broad spectrum of services, and our network of caring providers, are available for each and every patient receiving care when they need it most.

If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome substance abuse and addiction in their life, contact a member of our Right Path Calabasas, California network of providers to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  We’re ready to assist you with attaining sobriety, are you ready?