Right Path Drug Rehab in Brea, CA

Are you struggling with a drug addiction? Has it pulled you back from living a happy and successful life? End the suffering. The exceptional network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab Brea California will help you alleviate the pain that addiction has caused and get you back on your feet on the path to a healthy, sober life.

Addiction is a disease that affects you physically and psychologically. To ensure that both of these symptoms are thoroughly treated, Brea California Right Path Drug Rehab utilizes dual diagnosis treatment programs for their patients’ care. Upon arriving at the addiction treatment center, your physicians and psychiatrists will inquire about your addiction to determine what procedures will make up your personalized treatment plan.

Your first step out of addiction will be medically assisted detoxification. Your doctors and nurses will provide stabilizing medications to ease your transition into sobriety in the most comfortable way possible.

Your comfortable changeover to a sober lifestyle will continue in your living accommodations included in your treatment program at Right Path Drug Rehab Brea California. You will experience the pinnacle of relaxation and serenity in your own private retreat. Personal chefs will provide you and your housemates with delicious and nutritious food at every meal.

Living with others and social modes of care are implemented at Brea California Right Path Drug Rehab to help guide you towards forming healthy, sober relationships with people you can trust. Your housemates and peers will establish the beginnings of your sober support network.

You will also get to strengthen the bonds within your network of sober support during group therapy and fun leisure activities provided by the therapists and counselors of Right Path Drug Rehab Brea California. Group therapy and 12-step programs are great places to learn about other patients’ experiences with addiction and apply their knowledge to your own situation. You will we even get the chance to help others with your own experiences. Other therapy options are also offered such as one-on-one counseling and meditation.

On the weekends, you will get to spend your time how you please. Your Right Path Drug Rehab Brea California counselors will provide you with a multitude of leisure activities available on and off-site. Yoga, hiking, and nature walks are doable in the natural surroundings of the addiction recovery facility. Group excursions to the beach offer fun activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and beach yoga. Other trips to indoor rock climbing gyms, shopping complexes, and movie theaters are also offered.

The relapse prevention program at Brea California Right Path Drug Rehab will provide you with the knowledge and training necessary to achieving financial and personal success when your treatment is complete. Assistance with interviews, job searching, and your resume are all provided in the professional preparation services. The on-site fitness center, nutrition classes, and drug education courses will help you maintain your physical well-being.

Let the compassionate network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab Brea California help you fight your addiction and end your suffering. Call the intake coordinators to enroll today.