Attain sobriety in a warm, restoring environment surrounded by a compassionate, educated network of providers who will get you through recovery at your own pace. Right Path Encinitas, California is a substance abuse recovery center that offers those struggling with substance abuse a safe, positive place to stay and receive treatment as they get their life back together. Our broad spectrum of services and customized recovery plans are effective and determined to teach you or your loved one to live clean.

Right Path Encinitas, California operates as a dual diagnosis facility and has the necessary tools to address and treat both the physical and the psychological aspects of substance abuse. Detox without withdrawals and learn to depend on yourself instead of substance abuse in our top of the line luxury facility. Our network of providers specialize in administering compassionate, healing therapy to get you in the right place for recovery.

Patients accepting treatment through Right Path are able to avoid withdrawal symptoms by receiving a medically administered detox from one of our professionally educated physicians at Right Path Encinitas, California. You or your loved one can rest and relax as a medically induced detox clears your systems of illicit substances. Patients are monitored throughout the entire detoxification by the supportive doctors and nurses who constantly manage your comfort and safety.

After the physical addiction is removed from your system, you will work one on one with a case manager or counselor who will assess the history and severity of your personal addiction. Depending on the severity, 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans are available at Right Path Encinitas complete with detox and rehab. While in rehab, patients use 12 step programs, group therapy, interactive actives and positive coping mechanisms to train themselves to live clean. Positive coping mechanisms should be used when feeling temptation or stress to regain cognitive control and peace. Hiking, yoga, and meditation are a few positive coping mechanisms you will be exposed to at Right Path Encinitas, California to assist in your relapse prevention. Learning to depend on positive coping mechanisms rather than substance abuse in times of emotional distress lets patients cross over from depending on the facility, to depending on themselves for strength in sobriety.

Right Path Encinitas, California maintains rolling enrollment periods for new patients to begin receiving treatment. Our network of providers want to ensure you or your loved one has total access to our broad spectrum of services and providers  while in the facility, so low client intake is used to keep a balanced capacity.

If you or someone you love needs professional help removing substance abuse from their life, get in touch with a member of our network of providers today. A better, sober more fulfilling life is waiting for you at the end of treatment, let our experienced, compassionate network of providers within Right Path Encinitas, California help you get there.