Recovery from substance abuse is significantly more successful than going through detox on your own. Our private facility in Dana Point, California is equipped with the top of the line care for addiction recovery, and we value our patients comfort and confidence in us. Accept help from our network of providers who have helped countless individuals get sober and begin the life of success and sobriety that you deserve to live.

Right Path Dana Point, California operates as a dual diagnosis facility that recognized addiction as a physical and mental disease. Patient go through detox and psychological therapy to help them adjust to daily life without substance abuse in a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program, depending on the severity and history of you or your loved one’s addiction.

Comprehensive treatment at Right Path Dana Point, California begins with detoxification to get patients drug free. You or your loved one can rest comfortably while an educated, experienced physicians within our network of providers administer a medically induced detox. Substances are removed from the patient safely and effectively, without exposing them to any withdrawal symptoms.

After physically detoxing from substance abuse, therapeutic addiction recovery therapy and relapse prevention programs are necessary to get you or your loved one in the right mindset to live sober. One on one counseling with a psychiatrist, group therapy sessions, and 12 step programs are among our broad spectrum of services at your disposal at Right Path Dana Point, California.

Case managers meet with patients during their treatment program to assess progress for each individual. Positive coping mechanisms are encourage by our network of providers to help you or your loved one cope without abusing substances. Activates that relax, refocus, and restore during times of stress or temptation are crucial to making a successful long term recovery. Hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and a number of other uplifting, restoring activates are open for patients to use to depend on for relapse prevention in our Dana Point, California facility.

Right Path Dana Point upholds a rolling enrollment process, allowing patients in a 30, 60, or 90daay treatment program to have access to the tools and providers they need during their recovery. Maintaining a low capacity during intake ensures that maximum quality care and attention is at the fingertips of you or your loved one during substance abuse recovery.

Addiction recovery from drug or alcohol abuse is possible with the help of Right Path Dana Point, California’s experienced network of providers. Our facility in Dana Point provides the best that the addiction recovery field has to offer, and your comfort and progress are our main concern. Contact our network providers today to discuss treatment options.