Right Path Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Right Path Newport Beach, California can offer you or your loved one a safe, professional recovery treatment from substance abuse without any symptoms of withdrawals. Our highly trained and knowledgably network of providers are compassionate and trained in medical physical and psychological relapse prevention. Don’t let yourself or your loved one suffer from addiction any longer. Get in contact with our Newport Beach, California network of providers today and get started on the road to recovery.

At Right Path Newport Beach, California we believe addiction affects your mind and your body, and addiction is a learned behavior. Our Newport Beach, California facility is a dual diagnosis center that can assist in physical detox and therapeutic treatment for relapse prevention.

Addiction recovery is possible, especially with our trained professional network of providers at Right Path Newport Beach, California. The medically administered detox our network of providers including doctors, physicians, and nurses provide is effective addiction recovery treatment that relieves the patient of drug and alcohol toxins while they rest comfortably. Remove the fear of withdrawals from substance abuse recovery at Right Path Newport Beach medically administered detox process that has helped countless individuals get clean.

After detoxing under the care of our compassionate, supportive physicians, you or your loved one will begin a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program which teaches patients how to live successfully sober in and out of the facility. Case managers work with you and your loved one to assess the severity and understand the history of each individual’s addiction, to better provide comprehensive, personalized addiction recovery treatment in our Newport Beach Right Path facility.

Our network of providers encourage patients to practice using positive coping mechanisms to replace the urge to abuse substances. These healing, restorative practices are a crucial aspect of sustained sobriety, and include hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and other stress, pressure, and distress relieving activities. Learning to use these as replacements for drug abuse teaches patients the key to successful sobriety in and out of the facility.

Right path Newport Beach, California features low capacity within our facility to maintain proper care and attention from our network of providers to our valued patients. Rolling enrollment periods for Right Path Newport Beach, California with low client intake guarantees maximum care from our experienced network of providers. Top of the line care is given to each recovering patient through 12 step programs, group therapy, and daily one on one counseling with a psychiatrist. Addiction recovery tools administered by our Right Path Newport Beach facility are tailored and available to our patients’ every need.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of overcoming addiction is understanding that you or your loved one needs professional assistance to begin the journey to sobriety. Our compassionate, supportive network of providers at Right Path Newport Beach, California are eager to help in every way to guarantee successful sobriety, so contact us with any questions or concerns you may have concerning our addiction recovery treatment and relapse recovery.