If you or a loved one has struggled to walk away from drugs and alcohol, even though it brings them down, let Right Path San Diego, California help. Our compassionate network of providers would gladly walk you through treatment, helping you to learn how to live sober every step of the way. Our physicians, counselors, case managers, and nurses are caring individuals who understand what addiction is like. Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding our comprehensive treatment plan for you or someone you love.
Right Path San Diego sets itself apart from other rehabilitation centers with its dual diagnosis approach. Instead of developing a blanket treatment to be applied to every patient, our providers get to know patients’ addiction history and severity, administering treatment that is effective because it’s personalized. Don’t go through treatment that isn’t specific to what you need. Let Right Path San Diego help you get to lasting sobriety in our 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans.
Many individuals suffering from addiction have heard horror stories about going through withdrawals in detox. At Right Path San Diego, our network of providers administer medically assisted detoxes, letting patients get clean, while maintaining that they don’t suffer or experience withdrawals. The stabilizing medications we use in our induced detox allows our physicians to monitor your comfort, safety, and progress through detoxification. Rest and relax knowing you or your loved one is in experienced, trusted hands with Right Path San Diego, California’s network of providers.
After you or your loved one has become sober through our medically administered detox, our sober living facilities will help you adjust to daily sober living. Programming alongside other recovering patients will help you form a solid network of substance-free individuals to bond with, and provides sober social norms and interactions to foster continued relapse prevention. Positive coping mechanisms are at your disposal during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period, which will help you or your loved one adjust emotionally to the lack of endorphins and dopamine usually gained through substance abuse. Detoxification leaves your body without those extra substances, so our program incorporates physical and mental exercises to combat this drop in chemicals in your system. Group therapy and one on one counseling will help you communicate how you feel, while meditation, exercise, or 12 step programs will help you personally and mentally become comfortable with living sober.
To maintain the highest level quality of care at Right Path San Diego, our facility accepts new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. Low capacity in our Right Path San Diego sober living and treatment centers ensures that each patient receives personalized, comprehensive treatment tailored to their specific needs and history with addiction.
Get in touch with our compassionate network of providers today if you or someone you love can benefit from professional addiction recovery treatment with Right Path San Diego, California. Our compassionate physicians, counselors, nurses, and psychiatrists are experienced in helping individuals like you find peace and success in living free from drug and alcohol dependency.