Right Path Drug Rehab

San Diego, CA 92101

Drug abuse and addiction can take everything you care about away from you. You may be frightened for what you future may hold if you do not treat your disease and recover. Do not live in fear. Right Path Drug Rehab San Diego CA is here to help you live a healthy, sober life. Our accomplished network of providers has assisted countless individuals in achieving lasting sobriety. Let them help you next.

San Diego CA Right Path Drug Rehab understands that addiction is a disease that affects both the body and mind. Your body creates the impulses for drug abuse, while the mind is taken over and your thought processes are compromised. To fight both of these elements of your addiction, your treatment will involve a dual diagnosis program customized to your addiction and history of drug abuse.

Everything will be taken care of for you while you are a patient at Right Path Drug Rehab San Diego CA. You will not need to worry about finding a place to live, how and when you will prepare meals, or planning any of the procedures and activities you will partake in during treatment and recovery.

Your living accommodations at San Diego CA Right Path Drug Rehab will be sober and community-oriented to provide you with safe and social modes of care. You will learn how to cooperate and successfully live amongst others while building strong bonds and creating your sober support network. All of your meals will be taken care of for you by personal chefs, so you can relax in your personal oasis and focus on preserving your sobriety.

The first process you will undertake at Right Path Drug Rehab San Diego CA is medically induced detoxification. This procedure will eradicate the drugs and toxins from your body using stabilizing medications that will ease your transition into a sober life.

Therapy will provide you with positive coping mechanisms that will further guide you into a sober lifestyle. Your therapists and psychiatrists will help you stabilize your sobriety through a variety of different therapeutic techniques. This includes 12-step programs, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and meditation. San Diego CA Right Path Drug Rehab has found that a combination of these techniques garners the best results.

You will have no reason to fear beginning your sober life outside of Right Path Drug Rehab San Diego CA thanks to the relapse prevention program. This program offers professional preparation services, more opportunities to establish your sober support network, and positive coping mechanisms outside of therapy.

Your San Diego CA Right Path Drug Rehab case managers will take care of planning your weekly schedule to prevent you from experiencing unnecessary stress. However, the weekends are open so you can do as you please. There are many leisure activities offered on and off-site of the addiction recovery facility that promote group interactions and further development of your network of sober support.

Stop living in fear of your addiction. Get the help you need and deserve to live a happy and healthy life of sobriety. Call the Right Path Drug Rehab intake coordinators today.