Right Path Drug Rehab in Vacaville

Vacaville, CA 95687

Countless individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse have found sobriety through our network of providers within Right Path Vacaville, California. Our network of providers in Vacaville are compassionate, supportive people who are experienced in successfully leading addicts through detox, rehab and relapse prevention onto a life of sobriety. You don’t have to live a life of addiction any longer. Let our network of providers at Right Path Vacaville, California get you back in control of your life.

Recovering from addiction at Right Path Vacaville, California is a more comprehensive process than a usual rehab implements. We are a dual diagnosis facility that believes addiction should be treated at the source. Our network of providers believes in addressing mental and physical side effects of addiction with detox and rehabilitation therapy to completely address all aspects of addiction. Comprehensive, individualized treatment is tailored to each patient, because no two people have the same addiction history. Treatment programs for 30, 60, and 90 days are available depending on the severity and addiction history.

Right Path Vacaville’s network of providers including doctors, physicians and nurses are able to administer a medically induced detox to patients in need of detox. This allows the patient to rest comfortably as a physician removes drug toxins from their system, leaving you clean without experiencing the symptoms of withdrawals.

Patients at Right Path Vacaville, California meet with a case manager daily to build an understanding and address patient’s physical and mental attachment to addictive substances. Counselors address the root cause of addiction and substance abuse to remove it from the patient’s life and replace it with positive coping mechanisms. Restoring, uplifting practices like meditation, biking, kayaking, and hiking that will take the place of substance abuse when under stress, pressure, or emotional distress. Learning to replace substance abuse habits with these uplifting habits is essential to live successfully sober outside of Right Path Vacaville, California.

Right Path in Vacaville features low capacity enrollment to balance care in our facility and between our networks of providers. This ensures that patients have access to the broad spectrum of tools offered in the facility when they need them. Rolling enrollment periods for accepting new patients allows care from our facility to be comprehensive and customized to each recovering addict at Right Path Vacaville, California.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of overcoming addiction is seeking professional help. Make your journey to sobriety as easy as possible and make the initial step of reaching out. Our compassionate, understanding case managers and providers are experienced in helping recovering addicts return to a sober life where they’re in control, so contact our network of providers today. You deserve to begin a full life free of substance abuse.