Right Path Drug Rehab San Diego, CA 92126

Getting addiction recovery treatment from a group of experienced professionals can make all the difference when you are struggling to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Right Path San Diego, California has proven-effective treatment for you or your loved one to make a full return to sobriety. In addition to helping our patients get sober, Right Path San Diego, California believes in setting up our patients for success in sobriety, which is why we provide sober living, therapy, and professional services to each and every individual admitted into our facility. Right Path San Diego wants to walk you through the recovery process at your own pace, so that you ca achieve a full recovery in 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans. Our network of providers are here for you, so make the decision to get help now.
Rehab and detox are not the same everywhere. If you have been deterred from treatment for addiction because of a bad experience in the past, let Right Path San Diego, California change your opinion of treatment centers. In our luxurious facilities, we treat each patient individually, ascribing dual diagnoses to help you overcome the physical and the mental aspects of addiction. You are not alone in your recovery, and our network of providers will ensure you feel this.
Beginning treatment with Right Path San Diego means severing the physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our medically administered detox takes care of this, allowing our physicians to carefully care for and monitor your comfort, safety, and progress throughout. Stabilizing medications are used in our medically induced detox to keep withdrawals away so that we can maintain your comfort.
After patients go through detox, they are in the right mind to begin programming with other recovering patients. Our sober living facilities through Right Path San Diego, California are luxurious and accommodating. Treatment and rehab while in our housing ensures daily sober living will ease your transition into living without drugs and alcohol after you treatment program. Positive coping mechanisms are offered while you are in our sober living, ranging from group therapy and exercise, to meditation and counseling. These practices will help you manage your emotions while coping with new sobriety because they return a focus to your cognitive control over emotional responses.
In addition to prepping patients to manage sobriety on their own, we want to help them find success and employment in their sobriety. To assist with this, you or your loved one can take advantage of our professional employment preparation services, including simulated interviews, resume reviewing and editing, and budgeting practice. As you begin to preoccupy your time with moving forward from addiction, living sober will become easier and easier each day.
Please get in contact with Right Path San Diego, California’s network of providers now to begin discussion what treatment options are best for you. Customized treatment programs are curated for each individual seeking addiction recovery, making for comprehensive, effective results and lasting sobriety. Let our caring, compassionate providers lead you along the way to lasting sober living.