Right Path Drug Rehab in Northridge

Northridge, CA 91324

At Right Path Drug Rehab in Northridge, CA, we understand that the process to find a treatment facility for a drug and alcohol addiction is difficult. Right Path is a network of treatment providers, hoping to make the process of finding an addiction treatment program easier. We are passionate about identifying and connecting you or your loved one to the best possible drug and alcohol recovery program available.

Struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction manifests itself differently for every individual. Right Path acknowledges this philosophy and seeks to personalize an addiction treatment program to the client as much as possible. Clients at Right Path are only connected to treatment facilities that have a low clientele. By doing so, clients are ensured the proper amount of 1-on-1 attention needed to address all of the emotional and physical effects of their addiction. Furthermore, clients are placed into addiction treatment programs that last from one to three months, the length solely determined via the client and his or her particular situation upon entering treatment.

We strive to connect clients to the addiction treatment programs that will successfully help our clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually heal from their drug and alcohol addiction. Too frequently do we witness drug treatment facilities forget to address the mental havoc that a drug and alcohol addiction can inflict upon a person. At Right Path, our treatment provider network will place clients into treatment centers that prioritize their mental as well as physical well-being. Clients will undergo drug detoxification, monitored and administered by medical doctors and nurses. Additionally, clients will attend therapy sessions, both group and individual. Here is where we believe a huge part of our clients’ success in breaking away from drugs and alcohol originates from. The therapy sessions give the opportunity for our clients to face the experiences that have caused and kept their drug and alcohol addiction going in the first place. The goal of these therapy sessions is to have our clients be mentally prepared and confident to remain sober from drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives.

Furthermore, clients are also connected to addiction treatment programs that include relapse prevention. Right Path genuinely wants to see every client be emotionally and physically free of their drug and alcohol addiction and maintain their sobriety beyond treatment. Therefore, relapse prevention is a part of clients’ addiction treatment programs so that they are fully equipped with the support, knowledge, and resources needed to remain sober.

Please give Right Path Drug Rehab in Northridge a call today if you or someone you know is tired of being trapped with a drug and alcohol addiction. We are confident in successfully connecting our clients to the best possible addiction treatment program using our network of treatment providers in Northridge, CA. Right Path believes you or your loved one truly deserves a sober, happy, and successful life and we are eager to help you or your loved one begin the tough, yet rewarding journey of acquiring their sobriety from drugs and alcohol.