Suffering from substance abuse doesn’t have to be a life sentence. At Right Path Folsom, California our network of providers are specialized in creating personalized treatment that targets your specific substance abuse cycles. You don’t have to suffer through drug and alcohol abuse alone. Let Right Path Folsom, California guide you down the road to recovery to a life without substance abuse and dependency.

Patients at Right Path Folsom experience heightened success in recovery and relapse prevention because our facility offers dual diagnosis of addiction. You or your loved one will undergo extensive therapy so that our network of providers can understand your personal addiction history and severity. This allows us at Right Path to administer comprehensive, effective treatment for both your physical and psychological addiction side effects.

Upon entering into the facility, patients seeking to remove substances from their body are able to avoid withdrawals with our renowned medically induced detox. Rest and relax as a professional physician experienced in addiction recovery medically induces your detoxification. The doctor will monitor patients closely throughout the process for comfort and safety to ensure your detox is pleasant. Remove drugs and alcohol from your body and get clean without withdrawals through our medically administered detox program only at Right Path.

After patients receive detox to remove physical attachment to substance abuse, they will begin a 30, 60, or 90 day therapeutic treatment program to learn how to live sober in and out of Right Path Folsom, California’s facility. Patients have the ability to access our broad spectrum of treatments including 12 step programs, one on one counseling, group counseling, and positive coping mechanisms to ease the transition to living clean. Patients of Right Path Folsom will learn to replace drugs and alcohol with positive coping mechanisms like yoga and meditation during times of stress and temptation. Learning to depend on positive coping mechanisms that return the mind to relapse prevention is an essential step allowing patients to depend on themselves for strength in addiction recovery and sobriety.

Right Path Folsom, California implements rolling enrollment periods to maintain capacity at our facility. We want to ensure our patients receive the top of the line services and necessary attention from our network of providers, so low capacity intake is exercised. Our luxurious facility has private accommodations and personal chefs to guarantee your only worry during your stay at Right Path Folsom is your own personal recovery journey.

If you or someone you love has been struggling to overcome addiction, contact a member of our network of providers today to begin the discussion on personalized treatment. Take back control of your life and your future with the assistance of Right Path Folsom, California.