Right Path Drug Rehab in San Marcos

San Marcos, CA 92078

Our network of providers at Right Path San Marcos, California are experienced in guiding recovering addicts through sobriety with successful relapse prevention techniques and therapy. Our doctors, counselors, and case managers are compassionate, understanding individuals who are specialized and educated I the best tools for addiction recovery. Begin your journey to sobriety today with the help of our network of providers at Right Path San Marcos, California.

Right Path in San Marcos, California is considered a dual diagnosis facility. Our network of pro9viders working within the addiction recovery center are able to diagnose and treat both physical addiction properties, and the mental attachment addicts for with substance abuse. Through cognitive behavior therapy and our medically administered detox, recovering addicts at Right Path San Marcos, California can rest comfortably knowing they’re in the caring hands of experienced detox and rehab providers

The medically induced detox process is administered by doctors trained in addiction recovery, and patients rest comfortably as the doctor monitors their system and removes illicit substances. Patients are encouraged to work with case managers to assess the severity and history of you or your loved one’s addiction to find if a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program would be most effective.

While receiving treatment at Right Path San Marcos, you or your loved one will be paired with a psychiatrist to get to know and share your experience with in one on one counseling sessions daily. Progress is tracked by our network of providers to properly administer treatment successfully. Seaside group counseling heightens solidarity between recovering addicts and helps patients develop positive coping mechanisms to rely on.

Positive coping mechanisms including hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and a number of other uplifting, restoring activates that will take the place of substance abuse when under stress, pressure, or emotional distress. Learning to use these as replacements for drug abuse teaches patients the key to successful sobriety in and out of the facility.

Our San Marcos facility features low capacity and rolling enrollment periods. This ensures that the top of the line care and tools administered by our Right Path San Marcos, California facility are tailored and available to our patients’ every need. Maximum care is insured by our balanced, rolling enrollment that never maintains available services and an available network of providers.

The most difficult part is seeking professional help is the initial step of reaching out. Our compassionate, understanding case managers are experienced in helping recovering addicts return to a sober life, so contact our network of providers today. You deserve to begin a full life without substance abuse.