Finding the right help for a drug and alcohol addiction is understandably difficult. Right Path Drug Rehab in Elk Grove, CA is here to make the entire process easier for you and more. We are a network of treatment providers, passionate about connecting all of our clients to the best addiction treatment programs available. We are determined to provide the help you or your loved one needs to overcome a substance abuse problem once and for all.

Here at Right Path Drug Rehab in Elk Grove, we pride ourselves in being able to customize an addiction treatment program to a client. We understand that the struggles of dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction manifests differently to every individual. Therefore, clients complete treatment programs that may last for thirty, sixty, or ninety days, depending on their respective needs and circumstances. Our network of treatment providers in Elk Grove also connects clients into treatment facilities that have a limited amount of clients. This ensures that our clients will obtain the 1-on-1 attention they need from the professionals that will help them conquer their dependency to drugs and alcohol for good.

Right Path seeks to help clients recover from their substance abuse problem physically and mentally. Too regularly do we see addiction recovery centers solely focus on the physical effects of a substance abuse problem and completely neglect the emotional damage that has also occurred. Therefore, not only do the treatment facilities under Right Path’s treatment provider network offer medically administered and monitored drug detoxification, they also contain therapy sessions meant for clients to mentally recover from their addiction. Through these sessions, our clients will develop a more positive and confident outlook on their future and abilities, gaining an attitude that will ultimately be more conducive to maintaining their sobriety long-term. We want our clients to feel that they are emotionally, as well as physically free from their substance abuse problem after completing both the therapy sessions and drug detoxification.

Because we want to ensure our client’s success in their abilities to stay sober for the rest of their lives, the treatment programs we connect clients to also include relapse prevention. Relapse prevention equips clients with the information, resources, and support they need in order to remain sober from their substance abuse problem. At Right Path, we strive to connect clients to treatment programs that will empower our clients to know how to sustain their sobriety from drugs and alcohol permanently, not just under the supervision of the professionals at their treatment facility.

Give Right Path a call today if you or your loved one is tired of being trapped with a substance abuse problem. A drug-free life is within reach for you or your loved one when you seek help at Right Path Drug Rehab in Elk Grove, CA. We are confident that with our network of treatment providers in Elk Grove, we will guide you or your loved one to a second chance at a drug-free life.