With Right Path Littleton, Colorado’s network of providers waiting just a phone call away, you don’t have to struggle through substance abuse recovery alone. Our top of the line facility features the best in addiction recovery treatment, and our network of providers are experienced in helping recovering addicts reach a healthy, healing life of sobriety.

In our Littleton, Colorado dual diagnosis facility, our providers treat patients from, a dual diagnosis perspective. Addiction affects the body and the mind, and Right Path Littleton, Colorado is equipped with a broad spectrum of services to address physical and psychological addiction. Patients at Right Path Littleton, Colorado don’t have to worry about withdrawals and are under the best care and attention addiction recovery treatment has to offer. To make the transition into sobriety painless and easy, specialized, experienced doctors medically induce patients who need to get clean You or your loved one can rest comfortably as a doctor monitors their detox process. Withdrawals don’t have to be a part of your journey to recovery at Right Path Littleton, Colorado.

Following the physical detox from addictive substances, it is important for patients to learn how to live day to day without substance abuse. One on one therapy is conducted daily with a case managers so that our network of providers may understand the history and severity of each patient’s addiction to individualize treatment programs. 30, 60, and 90 day treatment plans are offered at Right Path Littleton.

Right Path Littleton, Colorado removes the stress and pains of withdrawals from your detox experience. The medically administered detox provided at Right Path Littleton is induced by experienced, compassionate doctors educated on effective addiction recovery treatment. Remove the fear of withdrawals from your substance abuse recovery journey with Right Path’s medically administered detox process. Countless individuals have gone through the safe, effective process to start their addiction recovery journey.

Once detox removes the physical dependency on alcohol or drugs, daily therapy sessions are encouraged for patients in 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. One on one counseling with a case manager allows our network of providers to track and understand your progress, while group counseling help[s recovering addicts find a supportive group to relate and bond with over sobriety. Positive coping mechanisms are taught to you or your loved one while at Right Path Littleton, Colorado and are used as relapse prevention tools when under emotional distress. Practicing positive coping mechanisms like hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, are constructive cognitive awareness tools that are crucial to sustaining a successful substance abuse recovery. Teaching patients how to live drug and alcohol free in the real world is the main priority for our network of providers, and we utilize a broad spectrum of services during your treatment to do so. 12 step programs and a variety of counseling and therapy are open to you or your loved one at Right Path Littleton, Colorado.

Right Path Littleton practices a rolling enrolment period for accepting new patients. This ensure that those getting substance abuse recovery treatment from our network providers receive the top of the line care they deserve and expect. Low client intake allows our Littleton, Colorado facility to administer the maximum care and attention for you and your loved one.

Contact our Right Path network of providers today to discuss the journey to sobriety for you or your loved one. Our case managers and network of providers at Right Path Littleton, Colorado would be glad to discuss treatment options with you.


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