Right Path Drug Rehab Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO

Right Path Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO is the answer if you or a loved one is dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction. We are a network of treatment providers, dedicated to finding the best possible drug addiction treatment program for you or your loved one.

Because Right Path is a treatment provider network, we can provide a customized addiction treatment plan for you. Our network of treatment providers is comprised of addiction treatment facilities that have a low client population. This allows each and every client to receive the necessary attention and care needed in order to heal from his or her drug and alcohol addiction. Furthermore, the length of treatment a client undergoes varies based off the client’s specific situation and circumstances. On average, our clients will complete 30-, 60-, or 90-day addiction treatments, determined solely on the needs surrounding the client. We ultimately want each client to receive adequate help and support so that our clients succeed in attaining their sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

Our treatment provider network in Colorado Springs, CO prioritizes a client’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Often times, we discover that many addiction treatment centers neglect to address the emotional and spiritual damage that a drug and alcohol addiction can inflict on a person. Right Path Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO seeks to only connect clients to programs that heal a client holistically from drugs and alcohol. We believe this best ensures a client’s future success in staying away from drugs permanently once they finish addiction treatment.

The treatment programs that Right Path connects you to provide medically-administered and monitored drug detoxification, done only by medical doctors and nurses. In addition, our clients attend group and individual therapy sessions led by psychological professionals. We believe this part of addiction treatment is one of the reasons why our clients find success with the treatment programs we connect them to. The therapy sessions allow our clients to face the emotional traumas that began and/or maintained their drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. With the support of the psychological professionals and staff usually on-site at the treatment facility, clients learn to be emotionally free from their drug and alcohol addiction as well.

All the treatment programs that Right Path Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO provides for our clients contain a relapse prevention program embedded into the treatment. This ensures that our clients are equipped and ready to maintain their sobriety from drugs and alcohol after leaving the treatment center. We strive for our clients to see that sobriety is a lifestyle that they can achieve, that drugs and alcohol does not have to rule their life anymore.

Please give Right Path Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO a call today if you or someone you love is struggling with drugs and alcohol. We know that with our network of treatment providers, we can find a treatment program that will best help you or your loved one heal from a drug and alcohol addiction successfully.

Colorado Springs, CO