Achieve sobriety efficiently and discreetly with Right Path Longmont, Colorado network of experienced, professional substance abuse recovery providers. Our addiction recovery program utilizes a broad spectrum of tools and services to help you or your loved one make the most of your time in treatment. Gaining sobriety should be positive and uplifting if done right, so let Right Path Longmont, Colorado’s network of professional addiction recovery providers assist you to a successful addiction recovery.

Right Path Longmont, Colorado’s is different than the average detox and rehab center because we operate as a dual diagnosis center, where our doctors and counselors are able to address and treat both the physical and the psychological after effects of prolonged substance abuse. Give yourself a chance at a successful recovery with our professional medical, psychological and physical substance abuse recovery treatments. Our facility has assisted countless individuals struggling to get clean reach a happier, more fulfilling existence.

Upon entering into Right Path’s addiction recovery center, patients are medically administered detox to clean their system of drugs and alcohol. You or your loved one can rest and relax while an experienced, compassionate physician medically induces detox, and closely monitors your comfort, safety and progress. You don’t have to suffer through withdrawals while getting effective detoxification in our hands.

Following the physical detoxification, its important patients learn how to live day to day without using substance abuse. A case manager will sit with you one on one to assess the severity and history of your addiction. A variety of treatment activities including 12 step programs, one on one meetings, group interactive therapy, and positive coping mechanisms are available to you or your loved one are offered in treatment at Right Path Longmont’s for relapse prevention. It’s important for patients to learn to replace substance abuse with positive coping mechanisms in moments of temptation and stress. This lets patients cross over from depending on Right Path for support in sobriety, to depending on themselves. We want our patients to be successful and sober in and out of our Right path Longmont’s center. Our network of providers instill positive coping mechanisms like meditation and yoga into our treatment programs because they teach how to apply cognitive control to an emotional reaction.  Right Path Longmont, Colorado’s is here to help you regain control of your life.

Right Path Longmont, Colorado’s upholds rolling enrollment periods for admitting new patients. Low client intake is utilized to make sure our network of providers can offer the broad spectrum of treatment services to you or your loved one when you need it during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program.

Our network of providers what to help you or your loved one learn to live peacefully in sobriety. Contact a member of our Right Path Longmont, Colorado’s network of providers today to begin discussing what treatment options are right for you.

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