Sometimes asking for help can be the hardest part of overcoming your addiction. At Right Path Fort Collins, Colorado our network of providers are professionally trained to work within your comfort zone to help you defeat substance abuse once and for all. We will work with you every day to provide comprehensive, customized treatment that suits your specific addiction recovery needs, so don’t wait another day in suffering. Take advantage of Right Path’s professionally administered addiction recovery treatment today.

Our facility in Fort Collins, Colorado operates as a dual diagnosis center. The network of compassionate providers there are able to address both your physical and mental addiction problems to offer you a complete recovery from drugs and alcohol. Our network of providers work to get to know each and every patient to tailor treatment so it is most effective. Right Path Fort Collins has access to a broad range of treatment services and has assisted countless individuals in making a sober, successful life for themselves.

When you or your loved one enters into treatment at Right Path Fort Collins, Colorado you don’t have to worry at all about experiencing withdrawals. The physicians and nurses who you work with are experienced and specialized in administering a medically induced detox. You or your loved one can rest and relax as a physical indices detox, monitoring you for comfort and safety, delivering you to a substance free existence.

Following detox, it is important that our patients lean how to operate day to day without drugs or alcohol to rely on. One on one therapy with your case manager allows us to understand your progress through the treatment program, and group interactive therapy is available to offer systems of support to recovering patients. Positive coping mechanisms like yoga, hiking, meditation, and kayaking are encouraged to be used in place of substance abuse in times of temptation and emotional distress. Positive coping mechanisms teach patients to restore their sober mindset and cognitively control their response to addiction with calming, centering activates. Learning to rely on positive coping mechanisms instead of drugs and alcohol while in the facility demonstrates to the patients that they can rely on themselves to be strong through addiction recovery. You or your loved one will become confident in their own sobriety, and not just the sobriety they maintain while in the treatment center.

Right Path Fort Collins, Colorado wants to ensure all of our patients have access to our compassionate network of providers and spectrum of treatment available, so we uphold rolling enrollment periods for accepting new patients. Controlling low client intake guarantees that you or your loved one will receive the best possible care in the addiction recovery treatment field.

If you or someone you love suffers from a debilitating addiction to drugs or alcohol, take action to get well at Right Path Fort Collins. Our network of providers are caring, healing individuals that want to help you reach your full potential. Contact a member of our network of providers today to address any questions or concerns you may have about Right Path Fort Collins, Colorado’s addiction recovery program.

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