Right Path Drug Rehab New Haven

New Haven, CT 

If you or someone you love is struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, Right Path Drug Rehab in New Haven, CT is here for you. We are a network of treatment providers, determined to connect you or your loved one to the proper addiction treatment program that will successfully help you or your loved one say goodbye to drugs and alcohol permanently.

Our network of treatment providers is passionate about connecting clients to an addiction treatment program tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. The addiction treatment programs available to clients vary in length. Clients, on average, attend 30-, 60-, or 90-day addiction treatments, depending on the client’s particular situation. Additionally, the addiction treatment facilities we link our clients to have a low client population. This ensures that our clients receive the proper help and support. Furthermore, the addiction treatment programs that make up our treatment provider network holistically heal our clients from their drug and alcohol addiction. We strive to physically, mentally, and spiritually heal our clients from their drug and alcohol addiction. Too often do we see treatment facilities fail to address the emotional damage that occurs from a drug and alcohol addiction. Here at Right Path Drug Rehab in New Haven, CT, our treatment provider network prioritizes the emotional well-being of our clients as well as the physical. As a result, besides providing medically-administered drug detoxification monitored by doctors and nurses, we also provide our clients group and individual therapy sessions for them to attend.

These group and individual therapy sessions are especially designed for clients to mentally heal from their drug and alcohol addiction. With each therapy sessions, clients are encouraged to foster a more positive and hopeful outlook on life, an attitude that will ultimately be more conducive to maintaining a sober life beyond addiction treatment. In addition, the therapy sessions give never-ending support to our clients in facing the experiences and circumstances that began and/or sustained their drug and alcohol addiction. We hope that with these therapy sessions, our clients will able to move on from the emotional ties that have kept them addicted to drugs and alcohol. Finally, Right Path clients are connected to addiction treatments that incorporate relapse prevention programs. Relapse prevention ensures our clients’ success with staying away from drugs and alcohol in real life, preparing our clients with the right tools, support, and resources to maintain their sobriety for good.

The administrative, medical, and psychological professionals in our treatment provider network are genuinely dedicated towards helping you or your loved one move on from drugs and alcohol. We want nothing more than to see each client at Right Path to complete addiction treatment programs that change his or her life for the better. Please give us a call if you or a loved one wants to end their reliance to drugs and alcohol. We are confident that our network of treatment providers in New Haven, CT can find the perfect addiction treatment program for you or your loved one.

New Haven, CT