Want to seek help for you or your loved one struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction? Right Path Drug Rehab in Southport, CT is here for you. We are a network of treatment providers, dedicated in connecting you or your loved one to the best addiction recovery program available. Right Path is passionate about helping anyone dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction to ultimately be free of his or her substance abuse problem once and for all.

Here at Right Path, we understand that everyone struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction in his or her own unique way. Because Right Path is a treatment provider network, we can customize an addiction treatment program to any client and their respective circumstances. That is why we connect clients into addiction treatment programs that have a small amount of clientele. This ensures that all the clients under Right Path Drug Rehab’s treatment provider network will receive the necessary attention needed to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Furthermore, the length of addiction treatment each client will complete varies as well. Clients may complete 30-, 60-, or 90-day treatments, all determined on a case-by-case basis. Through our treatment provider network, clients will be able to heal from their drug and alcohol addiction in the treatment program that is most compatible to them.

Right Path’s treatment provider network provides drug detoxification that is administered and monitored by medical doctors and nurses. In addition, psychological professionals will facilitate therapy sessions that encourage our clients to emotionally recover from their reliance to drugs and alcohol. Often times, addiction treatment centers do not acknowledge the underlying emotional damage that a drug and alcohol addiction can inflict upon a person. These therapy sessions are a safe space for clients to triumph over the emotional causes and motivations that may have sustained or started their drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. We want clients to be mentally and physically free from their dependency to drugs and alcohol for good.

Relapse prevention, as a result, is one of the most crucial parts of a client’s drug and alcohol recovery program. Right Path’s network of treatment providers firmly believes that relapse prevention is why a client is able to remain sober after leaving treatment. Relapse prevention instills the required tools, support, and information to our clients so that they can successfully remain sober for the rest of their lives.

Right Path Drug Rehab is passionate about giving individuals in need the sober life they have always dreamed of. We are completely confident that with our treatment provider network in Southport, we can provide you the most compatible addiction treatment program for you or your loved one. Please give Right Path Drug Rehab in Southport, CT a call today. You or your loved one no longer has to deal with a drug and alcohol addiction again. With a call, you or your loved one can begin the tough, yet utterly rewarding journey to attain a life free of drugs and alcohol.

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