Drug abuse and substance abuse is a dangerous, expensive habit that can result in debilitating physical, mental, and emotional damage and death. Take action to get you or your loved one on the path to addiction recovery with the help of Right Path in Atlanta, Georgia. Our network of providers in Atlanta are here to help those struggling with addiction form a better, healthier life for themselves.

 Right Path Drug Rehab offers rolling enrollment to get our patients in for immediate care, while maintaining a patient capacity that provides comprehensive, personally tailored substance abuse recovery treatment to each and every patient. Our network of providers within Right Path Atlanta, Georgia has access to top of the line restorative treatment in professional medical, psychological and physical fields.

Our addiction recovery center has compassionate physicians experienced in addiction treatment who medically administer detox, which removes the possibility of withdrawals. Recovering addicts can rest assured knowing they’re in capable hands. Our luxurious care center in Atlanta offers detox and rehab for durations of 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. Patients can work with case managers from our network of providers to find the best length of stay for their specific, individualized addiction recovery needs.

Right Path Drug Rehab provides a broad spectrum of services to aid in substance abuse recovery and relapse prevention. Private rooms are available in our luxurious facility, which is equipped with private chefs, one on one and group therapy sessions, trail and hiking access, guest yoga instructors, and other individual and group activities devised to promote sobriety and self-control in everyday life. Our patients work with counselors, case mangers therapists, psychiatrists and doctors who are compassionate, understanding, and educated in addiction recovery to build their relationship with sobriety and living clean.

Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta’s comprehensive addiction recovery program focuses on both the physical and the mental aspects of addiction, helping patients to relearn how to live in a stressful world without drug abuse. Replacing drug and addictive habits with positive coping mechanisms allows for those on the road to recovery to deal with triggers and stress in a healthy, positive way. One on one therapy sessions between the patient and psychiatrists help to create a better understanding of how that individual’s addiction began, and what fuels it now. Patients grow to understand how to live sober while in the facility through group outings and therapy. Counselors can even work with you or your loved on to rebuild your professional resume and prepare for a job interview.

Right Path Drug Rehab’s goal is to help those with drug abuse problems get sober, and onto a more fulfilling future. If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, let our experienced network of care providers, please contact Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta today. Our staff looks forward to assisting you and your family through recovery to a new life away from addiction.

Atlanta, GA