Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta

Atlanta, GA 

Do you desperately desire to learn how to live without substance abuse? Do you want to live without the craving of addiction? At Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta Georgia, we work with a network of providers that is experienced, understanding, and passionate about making a difference. Our network of providers is skilled at identifying the underlying issues that contribute to your substance abuse, so that we can fight your addiction from its source. Many have come to our drug rehab center for assistance, and countless have successfully reached sobriety. If you or someone you know needs professional help to overcome addiction, contact us today. We are specialized in treating patients with the care they deserve, while tailoring the treatment to their specific needs.

Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta Georgia accepts new patients on a balanced, rolling enrollment basis. Operating our rehabilitation facility in this manner helps us maintain a low capacity, so that our network of providers and broad selection of services are there for you when you need them. Once you make that first call for help, you will be assigned to an intake coordinator of ours. Your intake coordinator will determine which treatment plan will best benefit you based on your specific addiction history.

Detox is an important start to your recovery from addiction. It is critical we start your therapy in this way so that your brain can send a signal to your body that it is no longer reliant on drugs or alcohol. Many are wary of the detox process due to the symptoms of withdrawal that are commonly associated, but at Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta Georgia this no longer has to be a worry of yours. Our network of providers will administer you with a medically induced detox. During your detox, our physicians will prescribe you with stabilizing medications that are non-addictive, as they help prevent any symptoms of withdrawal. Your comfort during your recovery is our priority, which is why your physician will also monitor your detox round-the-clock to provide you with any assistance you may need during this time.

After you have been cleansed of all drug or alcohol related substances you will then be treated with therapy at one of our sober living homes. In these homes you can rest easy in our luxurious accommodations in order to recover without any stress on your shoulders. These environments help create a network of support, as you will be surrounded with others like you who are also recovering from substance abuse. It is here that you will be taught a variety of positive coping mechanisms, and these practices will teach you how to be dependent off of positive reinforcements versus addictive substances. To ease your transition even further, we offer a variety of upscale services that will help teach you how to have fun sober. In these activities you will be able to participate in yoga classes, hiking trips, beach trips, and much more.

Don’t hesitate any longer to receive the care you deserve. Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta Georgia can help you access restoration and healing in your life today.

Atlanta, GA