Right Path Drug Rehab Chicago

Chicago, IL 

Getting sober can be a stressful time in you and your loved one’s lives. Right Path Drug Rehab in Chicago, Illinois has an experienced, compassionate network of providers ready to make the transition to sobriety as smooth and safe as possible for you. Located in Chicago, Right Path Drug Rehab’s facility is luxurious and comfortable, equipped with the top of the line medical, physical and psychological tools to advance the addiction recovery process.

Among Chicago’s network of providers are doctors, nurses, counselors, case managers, and psychiatrists who are extensively educated within the field diagnosing and treating substance abuse and addiction. Right Path Drug Rehab Chicago’s facility staff is compassionate, understanding and inspiring, and you and your family can rest assured knowing that our substance abuse recovery program at Right Path has been proven effective. Our doctors, case managers and counselors remain 100% concerned with providing individualized, custom substance abuse treatment programs tailored to the specifics and extent of the patient’s addiction.

 Right Path Drug Rehab’s facility is a dual diagnosis center that aids in both physical and the mental and emotional aspects of detox and recovery. We don’t just get you clean, we teach you over time how to successfully live clean. Right Path’s care center admits new patients on a rolling basis, maintaining a capacity in our treatment facility that allows our network of providers to cater to each patient personally and thoroughly. Private rooms are offered in the treatment center during addiction recovery for you or your loved ones, and you’re encouraged to work with a case manager to assess whether a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan is the best course of action for your specific addiction history. It’s important for an individual to feel safe and comfortable during their journey to recovery, so we offer a variety of activities such as hiking, kayaking, shopping, and yoga, to replace substance abuse habits with positive coping mechanisms that will bring restorative healing to the patient’s life. One on one and group therapy sessions take place daily so that our network of providers are involved and informed about the personal addiction recovery and progress of you or your loved one.

We aim to identify substance abuse cycles and erase them with relapse prevention, 12 step programs, and counseling. Weeks of rehab after detoxing reinforce these activities and patients often find the positive coping mechanisms become simply second nature. If you or someone you care about wants to start living a happier, fuller life without drug and substance abuse, contact our Atlanta Right Path facility today. Right Path Drug Rehab Atlanta’s network of providers are concerned and ready to help you and your family make the next step towards a brighter, sober future.


Chicago, IL