Make addiction recovery a painless and positive experience by staying at Right Path Rockford, Illinois while working to get sober. Don’t suffer through withdrawals and endure a struggle while trying to get clean. Our network of providers can offer you or your loved one premium top of the line care and attention while going through substance abuse recovery. Right Path Rockford has helped countless individuals get clean and learn to live sober through our extensive substance abuse treatment program. Our luxurious Right Path Rockford, Illinois facility features a broad spectrum of services that will make your treatment more comfortable and more successful.

If the average rehab center has failed you in the past, be confident that treatment from Right Path Rockford, Illinois is comprehensive, effective, and lasting. Our network of providers are authorized to operate under dual diagnosis, allowing our physicians and case manager to diagnose both the physical and the mental effects of prolonged substance abuse. Rest assured you or your loved one will receive personalized addiction recovery treatment from our network of providers.

Beginning your stay at Right Path Rockford, Illinois, we aim to rid you of your physical attachment to drugs or alcohol through a medically administered detox process. You or your loved one can rest and relax in trusted hands as an experienced, supportive physician medically induces detox. The doctor will monitor you closely throughout for comfort, safety and progress, leaving you free of substances when detox is complete.

It’s important to instill a mindset in our patients that is conducive to their sobriety. Following detox, you or your loved one will meet one on one with a case manager or counselor.  In the one on one meeting, the severity and history of your specific substance abuse is addressed to allow our providers to offer the most comprehensive, personalized treatment available. 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans are offered and should be selected based on severity and progress through treatment. A broad spectrum of services are in place at Right Path Rockford, Illinois for patients to use to construct their life in sobriety. 12 step programs, one on one counseling, group interactive therapy, and positive coping mechanisms are a few activities available that promote sobriety and relapse prevention. It’s important for patients to learn to utilize positive coping mechanisms instead of substance abuse when feeling temptation or emotional distress because it lets the patients cross over from depending on the facility to stay strong in sobriety, to depending on themselves. .

Our network of providers at Right Path Rockford practice rolling enrollment to control capacity in our treatment center. Low client intake is enforced to ensure you or your loved one receives the maximum quality of care during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program.

Right Path Rockford, Illinois’s first priority is to make our patients confident and secure in their sobriety through our broad spectrum of treatment services. If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome addiction or substance abuse, contact a case manager of counselor in our network of providers and begin the discussion on your road to recovery.

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