RIGHT PATH DRUG REHAB in Prairie Village, KS

Attaining sobriety doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas we want your journey to sobriety to be positive and uplifting. The treatment received through our network of providers is centered on the comfort and success of our patients’ addiction recovery. Detox and rehab are a few options available through our broad spectrum of relapse prevention methods. Achieving a clean life after substance abuse is possible, and our network of providers are experienced and at the top of the line in addiction recovery.

If other rehabilitation centers have failed you, don’t stress. Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas operates differently than most recovery centers. We are a dual diagnosis treatment center. We believe addiction is a mental and a physical disease, and we combat substance abuse by addressing both sides of addiction. Our trained, specialized staff at Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas has assisted countless patients in achieving long term, lifetime sobriety, and it can be a reality for you too. Incoming patients are encouraged to meet with their case manager and get to know each other. This allows our network of providers at the facility to understand the history and severity of addiction in order to administer appropriate, customized treatment.

Comprehensive counseling after detox is necessary to solidify the sober mindset for newly detoxed, recovered individuals. A broad spectrum of tools are used to treat patients during their 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program. Positive coping mechanisms are promoted by our network providers for you or your loved one to learn and use as relapse prevention. Uplifting activates should be exercised to remind the patient of their purpose in sobriety; this is crucial to secure a confident, clean lifestyle free of substance abuse after treatment at Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas. These restoring, healing activates include hiking, biking, sea side group therapy, meditative yoga, and kayaking. As patients progress through treatment, they learn to reach for positive coping mechanisms instead of illicit substances during times of stress and temptation, replacing the craving for addiction with time tested positive practices.

Our network of providers at Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas adhere to a low capacity enrollment process, keeping the number of patients admitted at once balanced and low. This guarantee’s treatment for you or your loved one during a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program is individualized, attentive and successful.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our network of providers at Right Path Prairie Village, Kansas to speak about any questions or concerns you may have with a case manager. Our network of providers are dedicated to providing the best, most personable addiction recovery treatment to you and your loved ones, so take advantage of this life changing opportunity today.

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