Right Path Drug Rehab in Wichita

Wichita, KS

Are you or someone you care about struggling to move past a debilitating substance abuse problem? Do you worry about getting sober because you think withdrawals are so uncomfortable and daunting?  Do you need guidance on how to live sober in the real world? Right Path Drug Rehab is here to connect you with a network of providers in Wichita, Kansas that are specialized and experienced in aiding you or your loved one through the most difficult of drug and addiction detox and recovery. Our top of the line facility in Wichita, Kansas has only the most caring, experienced, kind individuals working as doctors, physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and counselors to guide our patient’s through detox and rehab to sobriety.

Right Path Drug Rehab Wichita, Kansas works within rolling enrollment, which secures that our patients’ care at Right Path is individualized, professional, attentive, and affective, by managing the capacity of patients who receive treatment at once. Doctors connected within our network of care providers for Wichita, Kansas are experienced in administering medically induced detoxes. While the patient rests comfortably, our trained physicians and nurses monitor vital signs and keep patients safe and relaxed as the drug substances are removed from their system. The process is safe, time tested, and effective.

Right Path Drug Rehab’s 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program gives you and your loved ones the option to choose the duration of in-house addiction recovery. During addiction recovery at Right Path Wichita, Kansas, daily one on one and group counseling sessions are conducted between recovering addicts and psychiatrists. These meetings are structured to help recovering addicts identify the emotions and triggers that push them to use, and helps them replace substance dependency with positive, uplifting coping mechanisms.

Here at Right Path Drug Rehab, coping mechanism can range from shopping days to beach days, group hiking trips and kayaking excursions, guest-taught yoga and exercise programs, among many other activates which promote positive feelings, good health, and relapse prevention. Right Path in Wichita, Kansas is a luxurious, new facility with private rooms and private chefs. Patients are matched with a case manager among counselors and doctors, whom they can confide in when they are struggling or seeking advice during their treatment program. These case managers sometimes work as mentors to our patients and, more often than not, support our patients through their sobriety outside of the facility, after their in-house treatment programs, as well.

 Right Path’s detox rehab uses proven tools to help patients successfully live in sobriety for good, without falling into relapse. If you or someone you love has been struggling with a substance dependency issue or drug addiction, Right Path Drug Rehab’s network of providers located in Wichita, Kansas are trained and experienced in aligning patients with the best available care for their specific, individualized addiction recovery needs.

Wichita, KS