Attain sobriety discretely and with ease at Right Path Newton, Massachusetts’s facility. Our luxurious care center has hosted countless individuals who left substance abuse behind with the help of our experienced network of providers. Let addiction recovery be a positive experience in your life, and take the time to get well at Right Path Newton, Massachusetts, you deserve to have control over your life once again.

Right Path Newton’s facility has had such success with its patients when compared to the average rehab center because our network of providers work under a dual diagnosis facility. Our doctors, nurses, counselors and physicians believe addiction is a physical and mental disease. We use top of the line care such as detox and therapy to prepare our patients for sobriety in the real world. Our main goal is to see you achieve and maintain successful sobriety in life, and our network of providers will be behind you supporting you through your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program.

Withdrawals don’t have to be part of your addiction recovery process at Right Path Newton, Massachusetts. Our physicians are specially trained to medically induce detox, allowing patients to rest comfortably as the drugs or alcohol is removed from their system. After detoxing, patients work with their case manager in daily therapy, allowing our network of providers to understand the history and severity of your addiction. Treatment for addiction recovery is comprehensive and effective, tailored to each individual’s addiction past and problems.

Learning how to live sober day to day is a lesson we teach patients at Right Path Newton, Massachusetts every day. Between one on one therapy and group counselling sessions, you or your loved one will learn through a variety of services how to avoid temptation and implement relapse prevention every day, in and out of the facility. Replacing addiction behaviors with positive coping mechanisms is a crucial step towards living clean all the time, despite stress and enablers. Instead of giving into temptation, you or your loved one will learn to turn to positive coping mechanisms like yoga or meditation, to re-center and refresh relapse prevention practices. Positive coping mechanisms become second nature during addiction recovery, making your sober lifestyle in the facility a reality.

Right Path Newton, Massachusetts features rolling enrollment periods for new incoming patients seeking addiction recovery treatment. Maintaining a low capacity at our treatment centers ensures that care for you or your loved one from our professional network of providers is comprehensive, individualized, and available when you need it most.

Take control over your future and begin addiction recovery treatment today at Right Path Newton. Our network of providers are waiting to discuss any questions or concerns you may have abuse leaving substance abuse behind, so contact Right Path Newton, Massachusetts today and make the first move towards attaining sobriety.

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