Addiction recovery can be a difficult journey, but our network of providers at Right Path Malden, Massachusetts are professionally trained and educated to make your experience to sobriety as positive as possible. Our network of providers will lead you through treatment and therapy guaranteed to make the transition away from substance abuse uplifting and efficient. Don’t go through substance abuse recovery alone, our network of providers are here to help you every step of the way.

If substance abuse recovery centers have not worked for you in the past, don’t worry. Right Path Malden, Massachusetts is different. Our dial diagnosis facility addresses both the mental and the physical side effects of addiction, allowing you the opportunity to completely, fully remove substance abuse from your life. Our broad spectrum of services allows our case managers and counselors to get to know your personal addiction history and severity, to better administer care during your 30, 60 or 90 day treatment plan.

Right Path Malden can remove the risk of withdrawal symptoms from addiction recovery and detox. Our experienced network of providers including doctors, physicians and nurses are specially trained to medically induce detox for patients needing to get clean. Patients rest comfortably as a physician monitors their comfort and progress, preventing any risk of going into withdrawals. Make addiction recovery through detox comfortable and fast with our network of providers at Right Path Malden, Massachusetts.

Our philosophy at Right Path Malden, Massachusetts is that addiction affects patients physically and mentally. Our signature medically induced detox gets you or your loved one free of drugs or alcohol, and our comprehensive substance abuse recovery therapy allows patients to actively live substance free in a world of temptations.

One on one therapy sessions and group counseling is offered at Right Path Malden, Massachusetts with our experienced, compassionate network of providers and psychiatrists. Patients receive treatment based on severity in our luxurious, top of the line care center. Learn how to maintain control in your life through one on one and group therapy sessions at Right Path Malden.

To lead you or your loved one to a safe, drug free life out of the facility, patients are encouraged to practice implementing positive coping mechanisms when feeling pressure or stress to use.  Turning to activities that are restoring and uplifting, instead of drugs and alcohol, create positive outlets for your emotions and replace patterns of substance abuse cycles. Positive coping mechanism are practices such as yoga, meditation, hiking, and any other act that returns you to balance and control.

To maintain the maximum efficiency and care at Right Path Malden, Massachusetts, rolling enrollment periods are implemented. Controlling capacity and keeping client intake low allows our network of providers to offer their care and services when our patients need it during their 30, 60 or 90 day treatment programs. Balanced enrollment ensures you get the best professional medical, physical and emotional addiction recovery treatment available in the field.

If you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse and addiction, make the call to Right Path Malden, Massachusetts today, and let our network of providers guide you back to controlling your life. A better, happier life is possible, and our Right Path Malden, Massachusetts treatment center can remove the drugs and alcohol from your life to make successful sobriety a reality.

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