Right Path Drug Rehab Boston

Boston, MA 

Right Path Drug Rehab Boston can show you how to regain control of your life. We can put your addiction behind you with our time tested tools and services. Take this opportunity to change the rest of your life.

Our experienced medical staff will carefully remove all addictive substances from your body with a medically assisted detox. You have no need to feel hesitant about this procedure. You will be given stabilizing prescriptions from your physician. We use regulated medications for each of our patients, so that we can ease the symptoms of withdrawal that are commonly associated with detox. Your doctor and nurses will watch over your comfort, well-being, and improvement around-the-clock. Right Path Drug Rehab Boston will never leave your side.

You will take residency in one of our many luxurious housing accommodations. It is important that you finish your recovery in a positive sober environment. Living in a substance free facility will help you adjust back into a structured daily routine. You will be living amongst other recovering patients, which will help ease your transitioning process. You will learn from each other, bond, and create a network of support with others who have experienced similar situations like you. Our network of experts will even host group outings on the weekends for you to engage in. Some of these activities include movie nights, go-karting, wakeboarding, kayaking, beach trips, and more. Participating in these group get-togethers will help you learn how to collaborate with others.

We understand that you may be carrying a lot of stress upon you. Right Path Drug Rehab Boston will help relieve you of your worries. At our drug rehab center, we want you to solely focus on your improvement. Our caring team of professionals will equip you with transportation to and from your substance abuse center, 24 hour access to a fitness center that is located at your dual diagnosis facility, and a personal chef who will provide you with three freshly prepared meals at your convenience. We are telling you the truth when we say that we will take care of everything for you.

Our intensive outpatient program includes a variety of positive coping mechanisms. These practices are made to be used in times of distress or temptation. We will teach you meditative practices, yoga, recreational activities, art classes, therapy, and much more. Meditation will help you have less anxiety, lower stress levels, deeper relaxation, more feelings of well-being, and a lower heart rate. Exercise-related activities will help improve your moods, give you energy, and relieve symptoms of depression. Art classes will help give you ways to express yourself. Therapy will help you openly discuss the history of your addiction, teach you ways to address your personal problems, and change your behavioral patterns. We will do whatever we can to prevent relapse.

Our network of providers is here to guide you step by step throughout your entire recovery process. Right Path Drug Rehab Boston isn’t going to leave you behind. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our program.

Boston, MA