Right Path drug Rehab St Louis

Louis, MO 

Don’t let the fear of withdrawals or failure keep you from cleaning up your life. Our network of providers have assisted thousands through addiction sobriety to a life without substance abuse. Our state of the art facility in St. Louis, Missouri is equipped with the top of the field tools and resources. Our staff of nurses, doctors, case managers, counselors and psychiatrists are compassionate, experienced individuals with a clear understanding of how addiction works. Start your journey to recovery today.

Right Path Drug Rehab in St. Louis is different than your average rehab. Our network of providers can set recovering patients up with a medically administered detox. As the doctors carefully monitors you, a medically induced detox is administered while you rest comfortably. The process effectively removes the illicit substances from your body in a matter of hours without subjecting you to the painful symptoms of withdrawals. You don’t have to worry that detox will be uncomfortable, our physicians are experienced in accommodating all patients.

Following detox, patients are introduced to a variety of positive coping mechanisms and activities to utilize during their recovery. Our network of providers at Right Path Drug Rehab encourage recovering addicts to use yoga, meditation, cycling, kayaking, and a slew of other programs offered from our facility to enhance their recovery experience. They work to replace their substance abuse with these positive activities, replacing their crutch and learning to live a healthier existence. Beach side one on one and group counseling sessions are conducted, and patients are encouraged to explore and practice sobriety among real-world temptations and enablers.

Right Path St. Louis, Missouri’s facility is a dual diagnosis center, able to diagnose any mental or physical ailments that patients may suffer from. We direct rehab at the specific triggers and stresses that push individuals to use, and our counselors and therapists tailor counseling to personally apply to each and every patient’s history with substance abuse. Relapse prevention is worked into every facet of our facility, promoting an overall positive, uplifting message to our staff and patients.

By identifying substance abuse cycles with group counseling, 12 step problems, and individualized therapy, our network of providers are able to personalize treatment so that it is effective for every individual. Right Path St Louis’s broad spectrum of services and compassionate, experienced staff are waiting by to offer addiction recovery and relapse prevention rehab to you or your loved ones today.

Contact our network of providers at Right Path St. Louis Missouri today and begin the journey to sobriety with a facility that understands what you need on your personal journey to living clean.


St Louis, MO