Allow the compassionate, understanding individuals within our network of providers at Right Path Las Vegas, Nevada lead you or your loved one down the path to sobriety. Our facility in Las Vegas is equipped with the latest technology and tools to provide safe, efficient addiction recovery when you need it. Begin a life without substance abuse with Right Path’s network of providers. They’re ready to give you or your loved one the treatment and therapy needed to start a sober existence.

Our network of providers in Las Vegas Nevada are trained and experienced in administering medically induced detoxes. Right Path’s recovering patients can rest comfortably and safely as their physicians monitors the medically administered detox. Withdrawals don’t have to be a part of your addiction recovery, thanks to Right Path. Following detox, patients are provided with private accommodations for the span of a 30, 60 or 90 day treatment program. You and your case manager will decide on the appropriate length of time for you to recovery depending on the severity of your addiction history.

Our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada is able to implement relapse prevention through practicing positive coping mechanisms. In counseling and therapy, psychiatrists work to understand the triggers and stresses in the addict’s life that continue to cause relapse and using. By eradicating these triggers and teaching patients how to cope with cravings in a positive way, they are conditioned on how to live clean in a world full of temptation. Give you or your loved one a real chance at addiction recovery with our dual diagnosis facility in Las Vegas. Our trained staff of dedicated, compassionate doctors, nurses, therapists, case managers, and psychiatrists within our network of providers are dedicated to your sobriety and wellness.

Right Path Drug Rehab has a broad spectrum of treatment tools and services to aid patients on the road to sobriety. 12 step programs, beachside group therapy sessions, hiking, biking, yoga, and day trips are a few of the coping mechanisms we use with our patients to prevent relapse. By implementing these positive coping mechanisms in their daily life, they learn to depend on healthy alternatives instead of substance abuse.

Right Path Las Vegas features a rolling enrollment process. Each individual who experiences treatment will have access to our top of the line supplies and staff because low client intake is practiced for maximum care and attention. Private rooms and house chefs are implemented to make your treatment at Right Path Las Vegas as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Take the time you or your loved one needs to get clean and practice living a life of sobriety. With sobriety counseling and job interview practice within Right Path Las Vegas, we have all the resources on hand from our network of providers to make your recovery process as beneficial and influential as possible.


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