Right Path Drug Rehab Woodbridge Township

Woodbridge Township, NJ 

Right Path Drug Rehab’s network of providers is ready and waiting to help you or your loved one begin the journey to addiction and substance abuse recovery. You don’t have to be alone while getting sober. Right Path Woodbridge Township, New Jersey and its network of providers are trained and experienced in addiction recovery treatment, and hundreds of patients can attest to the effectiveness of Right Path Woodbridge Township’s substance abuse recovery program.

Our network of providers affiliated with Right Path Woodbridge Township make our treatment program different from your average rehab. Our center features dual diagnosis. Our doctors, counselors and physicians are trained to diagnose both mental and physical addiction problems, making treatment comprehensive, and individualized. In our facility, each patient works to get to know their case manager, In turn, our providers are able to administer comprehensive treatment for physical, mental and emotional issues triggering relapse.

Right Path Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, is located in a luxurious facility that features private rooms and a house chef. Attending a substance abuse recovery program away from your comfort zone, away from friends and home stress, can really have a positive impact of the recovery of you or your loved one. Without enablers to disrupt recovery, patients are found to be very successful when staying in our Woodbridge Township facility because they can solely focus on their personal development and strength to say no to drugs. Removed from triggers, recovering addicts learn to replace substance abuse with positive coping mechanisms that aid in removing substance abuse from their lives.

Our network of providers in our Woodbridge Township facility are trained and experienced in administering medically induced detoxes. Patients are able to rest comfortably for between a few hours and a couple days while nurses and doctors monitor their body systems. By the end, you or your loved one is free and clean of addictive substances in their body systems.

While in addiction recovery at Right Path Woodbridge Township, patients are encouraged to become involved in therapeutic coping mechanisms and group counseling. In counseling, recovering addicts can share their experiences and growths, supporting each other through their shared journey. One on one counseling with psychiatrists can allow for patients to find suitable positive coping mechanisms to replace substance abuse. Yoga, kayaking, and outdoor excursions are a few of the positive coping mechanisms that our network of providers have utilized for recovering patients in the past.

Our network of providers working within Right Path Woodbridge Township are trained and experienced with professional medical, physical, and emotional treatment during addiction recovery. Our doctors, nurses, counselors, case managers and therapists are compassionate, understanding, and ready to stand by your side as you or your loved one heads towards substance abuse recovery. Each provider takes the time and effort to get to know our patients so that comprehensive, personalized treatment is always administered.

If you or your loved one has been struggling with overcoming addiction, know that Right Path Woodbridge Township, New Jersey has a network of providers waiting to lead the way to a safe, sober, successful recovery.

Woodbridge Township, NJ