Union City, NJ

Right Path Union City, New Jersey has a broad spectrum of services implemented by our network of providers that ensures substance abuse recovery treatment for you or your loved one is efficient and effective. Our Union City facility has time tested tools and physicians with experience in treating drug and alcohol abuse with personalized 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans. Give yourself the key to a better life through Right Path Union City, New Jersey, where our discrete and proven services can remove substance abuse from your life.

Our luxurious care center in Union City, New Jersey is equipped with top of the line tools and treatment for drug and alcohol abuse recovery. Our network of providers are experienced and compassionate in professional addiction recovery and have helped many individuals start a new life of sobriety. Right Path Union City is a dual diagnosis facility that believes recovering fully from addition is a physical and mental process that takes time. That’s why during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan at Right Path Union City, New Jersey, attention and tailored treatment are at your fingertips.

Beginning your journey to living clean, you or your loved one will meet with a case manager to assess the history and severity of your addiction. Right Path Union City, New Jersey has helped countless individuals achieve sobriety through the medically administered detox. Patients are able to rest comfortably as an experienced, supportive doctor monitors and administers a medically administered detox. Withdrawals don’t have to be part of getting clean when you seek addiction recovery through Right Path Union City.

When you or your loved one has achieved physical sobriety with the assistance of or network of providers, it’s important that a sober lifestyle begins. Patients can bond and relate to other recovering addicts during group therapy sessions, and often form a tight knit supportive group. Replacing addiction behavior with positive coping mechanisms is crucial for successful long term substance abuse recovery. Practicing activates that are healing and restoring, like yoga, meditation, or kayaking, when feeling the need to use is an effective method for relapse prevention. Our network of providers at Right Path Union City, New Jersey use these positive coping mechanisms in and out of the Union City, New Jersey facility, preparing patients for sobriety in the real world.

Right Path Union City, New Jersey is proud to support a rolling enrollment process in our facility. Low capacity admittance is maintained to ensure that you or your loved one receives access to the best tools and care during the 30, 60 or 90 day treatment programs. Low client in take ensures maximum care and our broad spectrum of services are available when you need it. We guarantee our network of providers will be there for you when you need them during your stay at Right Path Union City.

Begin your journey to sobriety today and contact a member of our network of providers at Right Path Union City, New Jersey with any questions or concerns you may have. Sometime, admitting you need professional help to get clean is the most difficult part of addiction recovery. We’re here to make sure you or your loved one has a positive experience attaining sobriety.

Union City, NJ