Right Path drug Rehab in Camden

Camden, NJ

Moving past the instinct to abuse drugs and alcohol is a difficult journey. Know you and your loved ones don’t have to be alone when looking for addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Right Path Camden, New Jersey wants to connect you and your loved ones with a network of experienced, compassionate providers who are trained to facilitate a smooth journey to sobriety. Our location in Camden, New Jersey is equipped with the latest detox and rehab treatment in substance abuse recovery, and our network of providers there are eager to get a better life started for you.

Right Path’s network of providers often encounter individuals who want to begin living a substance free life, but are afraid of going through detox because of the possibility of withdrawals. At Right Path Drug Rehab Camden, New Jersey, our medically administered detox is given under the close monitoring of doctors and physicians, and our patients can rest comfortably knowing that our process does not result in painful withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nurses are experienced in medically inducing detox and our patients have been able to get all illicit substances out of their symptoms without any pain or withdrawals.

While receiving detox and rehab treatment at Right Path Camden, patients are encouraged to participate in one on one and group counseling sessions. Our counselors and psychiatrists want to get to know the patients we work with as much as possible to tailor their recovery program to their specific needs and addiction history. For addiction recovery to be effective for you, our therapists have learned that identifying triggers, enablers, and substance abuse cycles are key to eradicating drug use from your daily life. Group sessions and one on one counseling will aid in individualizing treatment for you or your loved one.

The network of providers working at our Camden, New Jersey location are informed on the latest professional medical, physical and mental tools and advances in addiction recovery. Our dual diagnosis facility at Right Path Camden allows out network of providers to diagnose the physical, as well as mental, issues contributing to addiction and addictive tendencies. Identifying these crutches helps you and our counselor cut off addiction from its source. Depending on the severity of your addiction history, you and your case manager can decide if a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program is best for your treatment journey. Low client intake is practiced at our Right Path Camden, New Jersey location to ensure the proper care and attention is afforded to each and every one of our clients.

If you or someone you love is struggling to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, get in touch with our network of providers as soon as you are ready and start your journey to a clean, successful substance-free life.

Camden, NJ