Right Path drug Rehab Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY

Right Path Brooklyn New York is a network of drug rehab and treatment centers that provide excellent care for those suffering from various substance abuses. We have carefully screened the various treatment centers in our network to ensure that they provide high level of care.  While these addiction recovery centers specialize in helping those end their addiction, we specialize in finding the right treatment center for you.

We know understand how frustrating it can dealing with an addiction. When someone finally admits they have a problem, they have to act quick to prevent them from second guessing their decision to get help. We know it can be frustrating and troubling to contact different drug rehabs and treatment centers trying to find the right place for you that is why we have dedicated our efforts to helping you. At Brooklyn New York Right Path Drug Rehab, we focus on helping patients get to the right center.

Our intake specialists have been trained to ask the right questions to get to know each patient that comes to our network. This is a very important first step because we need to understand each patient’s addiction, situation and personal preference.  Once we have gotten to know the patient, we take everything into consideration when finding them the right addiction recovery treatment center. We know how important it is to get an alcohol addict to a treatment center that specializes in alcohol abuse because detoxing and relapse treatment is different from a drug rehab center.

Though the centers are different and specialize in specific substances, every facility under Right Path Drug Rehab Brooklyn New York network have a medically administered detox program to ensure that you will successfully and safely detox. Getting clean is tough especially overcoming your addiction physically. That is why we believe the safest way to clean your system is through medically induced detox and we made sure every drug rehab and treatment center offers this program.

We also make sure that each center under Brooklyn New York Right Path network have thorough recovery treatment programs. Not only will there be doctors and certified nurses to watch you around the clock, there will be licensed psychiatrist and case managers to help you get through your program. With the help of your psychiatrist and case manager, you will have numerous one on one sessions to talk about personal situations and issues. You, your psychiatrist, case manager and your peers will work together to solve issues you may have developed during your addiction.

Not only is the case manager and psychiatrist there for you when you need someone to talk to, they are there to teach you skill sets to stay on top of your sobriety. Many recovering addicts re-enter the world not knowing how to handle situations thus causing them to relapse. Knowing this, we have made sure that there is a relapse prevention program that will keep you clean and sober once you transition back. All of this will be available to you at any of the drug rehab or treatment centers under Right Path Brooklyn New York network. You just have to pick up the phone and get your life back.

Brooklyn, NY