Right Path Drug Rehab Raleigh

Raleigh, NC 

Overcoming addiction is a huge step forward, so make sure you or your loved one is in safe, capable hands when going through detox and rehab. The network of providers within Right Path are trained in the cutting edge treatment and are the top of their field in addiction recovery and treatment. Start a better future with the help of Right Path Raleigh, North Carolina’s network of providers.

Detox is an essential aspect of going through addiction recovery, but it doesn’t have to be a painful, upsetting experience. At Right Path Raleigh, North Carolina, our doctors are experienced in medically administering detox. Patients in addiction recovery can rest comfortably for a few days while professional, compassionate doctors and nurses monitor their progress in removing all foreign substances from the body. Those seeking addiction recovery treatment may select either a 30, 60, or 90 day length of treatment program, and are encourage to discuss with your case manager what duration would be beneficial to your individual addiction and recovery.

Right Path Drug Rehab Raleigh offers a rolling enrollment plan, where our facility caps capacity depending on the resources and network of providers available to our patients. This low client intake at our desirable facility luxury center ensures each individual in addiction recovery receives the maximum care and attention necessary to facilitate recovery.

Right Path Raleigh is a dual diagnosis center, and our network of providers are able to help you or your loved one overcome addiction on a mental and a physical level. Understanding the underlying triggers and enablers in addiction therapy lets the patient and the psychiatrist target exactly what fuels their substance abuse. Counseling and therapy are a healing, restoring aspect of Right Path Raleigh’s network of providers. Other positive coping mechanisms used within the facility are group therapy, yoga, hiking, kayaking, and professional development, among others. You or your loved one will learn to replace addictive behavior with positive coping mechanisms, creating a new way of life that is substance free and replenishing for the soul.

Right Path’s comprehensive, personalized treatment from our experienced network of providers offered in Raleigh, North Carolina is the first step for you or your loved one towards a more successful, sober lifestyle. Learn to overcome triggers and create positive coping mechanisms in our facility, and work to identify and replace your substance cycles and habits. Our luxurious facility offers private rooms and house chefs, offering the highest level of comfort and care to our patients. Our experienced network of providers in Raleigh are happy to answer any questions or listen to any concerns you may have, so get in touch with our Raleigh, North Carolina facility and take the first step toward a life of sobriety.

Raleigh, NC